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The training activity took place
in Novi Becej, Serbia
organised by ADRA Czech Republik
19-27th June 2015

Aims & objectives

The project objectives are:

• to raise participants awareness about their social rights as young people with disabilities
• to acquire participants in skills required to receive a job (CV writing, motivation letters, presentation etc.)
• to familiarize participants with tools that can help them to discover their strengths and be more aware what kind of job they want to do and are good in
• to develop participants skills regarding entrepreneurship, knowledge of how to make own business (also socio-economy) and raising active attitude towards it
• to raise participants knowledge about European programs and other opportunities for internships, education and training
• to raise competences of youth workers working on engaging youth with disabilities in labor market, by providing them tools and methods to do so (career consulting)

Activities - 9 days training focused on employability of young people with disabilities (rights of young people with disabilities, CV writing, motivation letter, job interview, entrepreneurship, launching own business and socioeconomy, career counseling and other tools, education and training opportunities within and outside EU)

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Involves 26 participants from 10 countries: Czech Republik, Italy, Greece, Albania, Armenia, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Spain, FYROM, United Kingdom.

Participants - young people with disabilities and youth workers actively engaged in work of NGO's tackling issue of employability of people with disabilities.

Training methods used & main activities

All methods used in the project will be based on NFE methodology and peer learning such as individual and group work, brainstorms, presentations, simulations, role playing games, taking into account different learning styles of participants.

Outcomes of the activity

Thanks to the project we want to improve situation of young people with disabilities on labor market by acquiring them in necessary competences and also by train youth workers actively involved in this topic to offer more professional support. This will help to shape more cohesive and inclusive society in Europe.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was a member of the training team, and I worked with my colleague to design the whole programme. As a full time trainer I also delivered the training course and all planned activities before and after the TC.

I worked on this training for 9 days as a full time trainer.

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