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TC - Speak out louder

The training activity took place
in Grzybowo
organised by ADRA - Poland
12-20 October 2014

Aims & objectives

The project involves the following objectives:
- Development of competences in the use of modern
information technologies in the activities of youth
organizations with particular emphasis on the needs of
people with disabilities in this area
- Increasing the efficiency of the organization's activities
on the Internet and greater inclusion of persons with
- To deepen mutual understanding between young
people from different countries. by encouraging the active
participation of people with disabilities in the activities of
the organization related to the promotion and
- Development of media competence of young people,
their critical analysis and the ability to identify differences
in the creation of media coverage stemming from cultural
diversity ( not only the state, but also different groups of
people , people with disabilities , gender itd.0
- Development of competences among people with
disabilities - the use of ICT tools adapted for the disabled.
- Strengthening the organizations participating in the
project by increasing their ability to influence their
communities , through better use of ICT and the capacity
to cross-linking of these organizations .

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The project is addressed to 35 participants , mostly
employees and volunteers of youth organizations.
Country included at this project were: Albania, Macedonia, Poland, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Palestine, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine.
At the group there were also people with dificulties.

Training methods used & main activities

The meeting has been structured through a non-formal education approach, the methodology recognized by the European Commission and the Council of Europe a complementary to formal education/learning to develop key competences such as interpersonal and intercultural, social and expression of creativity.
We were working with different methods, mostly non- formal education methods, We came up with different sorts of discussions and debates, work in small or bigger groups, we made few simulation and role-play activities, we used theatre as a method for case study debates, we had directly contact with the local population and with the institutions in Kolobrzeg. Furthermore we create a safe atmosphere to share opinions, concerns and cultural point.
Key materials included the “European Portfolio for Youth Leaders and Youth Workers” the Council of Europe T-kits and tools provided on SALTO.

Outcomes of the activity

1. Established a lasting coordination through different communication channels and we made new partnership with organization that are interested working with people with difficulties

2. Using non-formal methods we prepare a manual with non-formal methods that are suitable for people with difficulties;

3. A joint strategy was created in order to raise the awareness for the people with difficulties and how they can successfully use the ICT.

The training as well achieved the complementary result of habilitating participants at the team building and promote their capacity to work in team with people coming from different cultures and traditions, recognizing their own and the others professional capacities and personal qualities.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I took part in all process of trainers team (participating in planning, monitoring and final evaluation meetings). I did coordinate with the project director as well to prepare the written report. I worked in as a full time trainer.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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