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TC Shake Your Emotions

The training activity took place
in Madrid, Spain
organised by Más Ocio Sociocultural Association
14-21 March 2018

Aims & objectives

-Deepen the knowledge about Emotion and Emotional Management.
-Introspective growth, starting by understanding and exploring the concept of emotion.
-Change stabilised patterns and boost emotional management skills.
-Start a transformation towards a more beneficial perception and dealing of emotions and feelings.
-Explore how emotions influence behavior.
-Provide practical tools for specific situations.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The project involved 26 youth workers from Spain, Italy, Greece, Romania, Latvia, Cyprus and Turkey.
They were interested in promoting the expression of emotions in Youth Work, and committed to developing their own practice, combating prejudice and discriminatory attitudes.

We asked pax to be open and honest to themselves, as well as willing to share some of those insights with the group.

Training methods used & main activities

I divided the TC in several parts, first there was an introduction to the topic, then a lot of personal work in order for the pax to gain awareness of their own emotional situation. Then we went on to the topic of Emotional Management, and worked with different tools as to explore and develop that sphere; first with a focus on self, and then on others, connecting with the last part of the TC which was planned around tools for avoiding conflict.
I used a lot of different methods to facilitate the individual reflection as well as the group work.

Outcomes of the activity

At the end of the TC, and for some time afterward, I kept getting feedback from the participants, as to have noticed an inflection point regarding their own self-image and in some cases also their relation with others. Here is an example of a how the TC was felt by some of the pax (Cyprus):

The participants were obliged to implement some follow-up activity back home.

This is the link to the call in SALTO:

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was the only trainer of the project.
I wrote the project together with the coordinator.
I was in charge of the whole design, preparation and implementation of the program of activities.
During the TC, I prepared and reviewed daily the program in order to adapt to the participants needs or whichever other external factors.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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