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TC Heart Puzzle

The training activity took place
in Ljubljana - Slovenia
organised by Legebitra - Slovenia
23-30 September 2013

Aims & objectives

The aim of the training activity was to train the participants in how to use creative writing other creative expression to tackle discrimination and violence against lesbians, gays, bisexual, and trans* persons (LGBT). The aim was based on the need of different not necessarily LGBT specific youth organizations to acquire knowledge and skills in shaping their programmes, projects and activities to be LGBT friendly.

Legebitra’s mission is to enable young LGBTs to empower themselves in safe, creative and accepting environments. The aim of the activity was therefore directly derived from Legbitra’s mission – spreading safe space for LGBT youth.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The target group of the activity were 27 youth and youth workers from different not necessarily LGBT specific organizations. The participants of the “Heart Puzzle” training course came from Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Israel, Italy, Macedonia, Palestine, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey (The Balkans and Mediterranean Countries).

Training methods used & main activities

The methods that were used to obtain the aims and objectives of the training course were methods of non-formal education. For getting to know each other we used different non-formal education methods that aim at building a creative, inclusive and supportive group dynamics. We were making a bridge and many more team building activities in order to make synergy between the group.

For explaining different concepts linked to sexual orientation, gender identity, non-violence and non-discrimination we used different methods. The first was dividing the group into smaller groups based on the color of the dot the facilitator stuck to their forehead. As none of the participants new the color of the dot on the forehead and they were not allowed to speak they had to find their group based on hand gestures and facial expression. 4 participants had dots of colors that did not correspond to any of the other dot colors. They were unable to fit into any of the group until one group invited them to join them. After the groups were formed and everyone in each group was satisfied with other members of her/his group, we started a discussion on how labels are created, how labels unite but also exclude people, how much influence do individuals have on being labeled by others etc. The discussion where we used a diva mic in order for everyone to have a chance to express her/his opinion, we discussed how different words have different meanings in different contexts. We discussed the meaning of the following words: tolerance, acceptance, different, diverse, common, expected, normal, respect.

In order to explain concepts like gender, gender identity, gender roles, sex, sexual orientation we used the method of silent floor which enabled us to start a discussion.

Outcomes of the activity

During the training the participants started to plan future joint projects, we discussed the possibility to organize a follow-up training course and we created a Facebook group Heart Puzzle that serves as a platform for future joint project and partnerships. The training was a success as all the participants expressed their intention to work together in the future.
Also as a final product we made a few videos and a 3D heart puzzle, more information and picture you can find on a official site of Legebitra.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was a full member of the team of trainers. also i was actively participated in the creation of the programme, implementation of different workshops (Getting to know each other, Creating group dynamics, Presentation of Youth in Action Programme, facilitation of workshops where the participants were asked to create different products (videos, posters …), facilitation of different discussions, Reflection of the day, Evaluation) and in evaluating the training course.

I worked on this training for 8 days as a full time trainer.

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