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Step Out

The training activity took place
in Pec pod Sněžkou, Czech Republic
organised by Genesis NGO
12 - 20.8.2019
Reference person

Aneta Bednarova

(Managing Director of Genesis + Co-trainer)
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Aims & objectives

Project Step Out aimed on personal development. Basic idea of this project was inspired by pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela and development books mainly Dan Milman and Sir Ken Robinson. Main aims were personal development in ares of self awareness, self confidence, talent understanding, making connections and engagement to long term development.

Second basis of the project came from needs of the target group, which were young people. lately I have been and I still am meeting young people that are trapped within system and their way of thinking, living under expectations of someone else, not using their talents and not able to speak up. This drove me to create project which will be able to address this and help people to grow.

This project fits within our frame work because we generally focus on work with youth and their empowerment in different areas, our NGO also works with other trainers on this topic.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Youth or youth workers (18+) with desire to work on themselves and drive to share outcomes with others.

Countries involved: CZ, SP, GR, HU, PT, AZ, LB, TU.

Team: Main trainer Lukas Zajicek(CZ), Aneta Bednarova (CZ)
Logistics: Michaela Musilova (CZ), Myrto Siapardani (GR)

Training methods used & main activities

Methods used for this training are based in non-formal education approach, plus theatre techniques and personal development techniques. Whole project was created to support continuous growth which means we started with getting to know each other and slowly moved into more personal areas where we slowly started challenging participants on personal level, which moved to connections, relationships, work and other important areas of everyones life.

Examples: Needs - to spark their motivation to act more and think less. Role play - (theatre technique) to rediscover some of the traumas and find a way how to deal with that. YES or NO - improv theatre based exercises in extended version to help people learn and understand difference between saying yes or no when and if it is not wanted.

Outcomes of the activity

This training was very successful even though it was complicated by COVID 19, we managed to create impact on participants which was visible from evaluation forms. After the training some of the participants changed particular things about their life, we received messages, few of them started being active in NGO world and youth work.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I had a role of main trainer and I was also responsible for project writing and the methodology. As a trainer I also had responsibility for the rest of the team and participants. My day to day responsibilities consisted of each day revision of the program, delivering and leading exercises and communication with other trainer and the rest of the team.

I worked on this training for 9 days as a full time trainer.

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