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Sport as a tool for social inclusion

The training activity took place
in Warsaw, Poland
organised by Polish National Agency for Erasmus+ Programme
21/10/2015 - 24/10/2015

Aims & objectives

The aim of the TC is also to promote sport as an educational and social tool helpful to
support young people (life skills, attitude, values, social integration).
- To foster using sport as an educational tool for social inclusion
- To discover and test diverse educational practices,
- To reflect and analyses about the transferability of the different educational tools,
- To build a broader understanding of what an inclusion attitude means,
- To understand how developing entrepreneurial attitude may influence employability
of young people,
- To raise interest in carrying out international projects of KA1 and KA2 as a way of
developing life skills, tool for social inclusion, method of raising social activity of
- To create ideas for project on the frame of Youth Erasmus+ Programme (KA1 and
KA2), work out concepts of the projects and facilitate cooperation among participants.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Participants: 26 participants from all of the Programme Countries. 20-40 adults who
are: youth leaders, youth workers or representatives of NGOs, community centers,
youth clubs, schools, local authorities, local governments or other public institutions,
non-formal groups of young people that have a mandate to enter into a partnership
with other organizations/groups, willing to support youth in preparing and carrying out
transnational projects, motivation towards sports and social inclusion environments,
able to communicate easily and work in English.

Training methods used & main activities

- Getting to know each other and welcome evening.
- Work in the smaller groups to co-create aims&objectives and expectations towards training.
- Interactive presentations of participants and their NGO`s
- Walk&talk debate about inclusion
- Orienteering activity Outdoor park game and debrieffing
- Reflection session
- Session on good practices of participants
- Expert session (input from the external guest about sport&public health&inclusion)
- International Sport Evening
- Introduction to the Erasmus+
- Creating new ideas for future projects in smaller groups
- Evaluation, Youthpass, Closing

Outcomes of the activity

After the training participants are able to:
- use sport as an educational and social inclusion tool,
- support young people in their life challenges,
- guide young people how they can make use of their sports potential in lifelong
perspective (for example work, school, non-formal or formal activity)
- use Erasmus+ Programme tools to help young people and develop potential of their
- have new contacts and possible partners for future cooperation.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was one of the three trainers responsible for the whole event. I took part in the prep-meeting and together with my collegaues we designed aims&objectives as well as programme flow and detailed methods for this TC. Also I was responsible for some parts of the report.

I worked on this training for 4 days as a full time trainer.

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