This is a reference for Alexandra Palaisti

Social Communication Forum 2.0

The training activity took place
in Athens, Greece
organised by Cinergies, Maghweb, Youth of Europe, Innoved Lietuva.
10-17 November 2019
Reference person

Konstantinos Mavrias

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Aims & objectives

•Professionalize and spread social communication in the context of international project management, improving employability of communication experts.
•Exchange good practices on social communication in order to create a common European framework for social communication.
•Provide the users of media the tools to understand the rules and contexts of social communication in order to tackle media illiteracy and to develop users’ abilities to individuate fake news.
•Enhance transnational network within youth workers active in the field of communication in order to produce ethical and quality content.
•Contribute to reducing the deficit of social communication in EU area of exemplary social work.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

•People from the network (of local organizations and stakeholders) of each partner organization, that want or already work, in creating communicational content, and want todeepen their knowledge on the topics the mobility will address.
•Future users of self-training materials
•Young people belonging to the educational environment of partner organizations.
•Countries involved: Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Poland
•Organisations Involved: Maghweb, Youth of Europe, Innoved Lietuva, Cinergies

Training methods used & main activities

Peer education
Experiential learning
Group work
Working groups

Outcomes of the activity

During this Forum, the participants created and produced short videos with concepts that represent the cornerstones of our experience as information operators in the social sphere.
Moreover, on the last day of the Social Communication Forum 2.0 that took place in Athens, we organised a public event. We presented the different outputs produced after many hours shared among organizations that are active in the social field, coming from different parts of Europe.Everyone put forward proposals, suggested good practices and highlighted effective methods of communication. All this has led us to focus on methods that allow a message to reach a wide audience, so as to enhance the impact of social actions. At Impact Hub Athens, we presented the short videos generated by intense debates on the different perceptions of the same social phenomenon between countries. Our goal was to ease the work of the communicators, who are grappling with the challenge of distributing more and more attractive contents.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was responsible for the "Choosing formats of storytelling and appropriate dissemination channels" part.
I designed the training and performed as the trainer.

I worked on this training for 3 days as a full time trainer.

Testimonial of the reference person

Alexia managed to keep the participants complete attention on a number of difficult sessions in terms of the flow of the Seminar, due to her abilities as well as the preparation done in the previous days.

She has presented captivating content that sparked discussions and facilitated them in order to transmit the best practices about disseminating information.

My only regret was that we should have put her sessions in the beginning of the program, as she was able to set up both the foundations for storytelling as well as the dissemination part.

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