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Sailing for Sustainability TC Wind of Change

The training activity took place
in Liepaja, Latvia
organised by GLEN & NGO Radi Vidipats
2012/06/25 - 2012/07/03

Aims & objectives

What is “Sailing for Sustainability”

The Sailing for Sustainability is a European-wide Global Education program activity focusing on the topic of Sustainability. The context of launching our project is the United Nation Conference on sustainable development taking place in Rio, best known as Rio+20.

We decided to take a new approach on sustainable lifestyle, here around the Baltic Sea. This is why we are doing some sailing starting the 18th of June in Gdansk, Poland until the 15 of July when we will reach Turku, in Finland.
Why Sailing for Sustainability

Sailing is just our way to show we care! We care for what is happening to our planet and we want to promote a new lifestyle, a sustainable lifestyle. This is why we are sailing, old style, no energy consumption, no CO2 emissions on Lovis.

Lovis is a 30 meters long ship, with two masts, built in wood and steel materials but most relevant for us is that, this ship is helping us write our sustainable sailing story, make an impact, show that sustainability is achievable!

With this journey we want to let people know that sustainability can be part of our lifes. Support our message by sailing with us!

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The target group was young active volunteers at local european NGOs to promote sustainable lifestyle, widen their knowledge in sustainability & renewable energies and to empower them as multipliers of sustainbility. The participants with the age of 18 till 32 came from Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Slovenia & Czech Republic.

Training methods used & main activities

Group Discussions, Simulation "Change the game", Reflection rounds, Energizers, Presentations, Puzzles, Get to know games, exhibitions, panel discussions, theater methods (mirror, painter,...)

Outcomes of the activity

The participants got intense knowledge about renewable energies and sustainability and its meaning. Additional they experienced a sustainable lifestyle on their own and applied it partwise. Through participation they gained knowledge in team building & group processes, project management and multiplier work. Success can be read here:

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was one of the three lead facilitators who invented and customized the workshop and at the end delivered the training course through a guided moderation.

I worked on this training for 9 days as a full time trainer.

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