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Riseup Summit

The training activity took place
in Cairo, Egypt
organised by Riseup initiative

Aims & objectives

- Speed networking activations between talks.
- Getting feedback from fellow attendees on others' demo/product, network, and exchange contacts before and after each sessions.\

The idea from all the above is to help delegates get as many business cards, ideas and potential partners/clients as possible instead of sitting in the room and waiting for the session as the room fills up and playing on their mobile.

Riseup's main goal is to establish connections among youngsters together with the older generation filling the gap inbetween.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

5159 attendees of 41 countries from 190 cities, on top was UAE, Jordan, USA, KSA, Lebanon, Germany, UK, Malaysia, Bahrain, Tunisia including enterpreneurs, creatives, techies, students, investors, enablers and academia

Training methods used & main activities

All methods used were based on Non-Formal Education


Peer-to - peer mentoring: Two to three delegates stand together. One person introduces themselves along with their work, areas of expertise and place of work, startup/job elevator pitch then adds either
Ask for help and see if the other person has contacts or ideas for your challenge
Get feedback on your demo/product and first impressions
Share more about your startup idea and validate or test if they would buy, etc
Exchange contacts through scanning their QR codes on the mobile app

- SMALL AUDIENCE SIZE (10-15 people)

Needs and offers Circle

Speed helping and speed ideas


Product feedbacks

Needs assessment networking

Share your R&D question

Outcomes of the activity

We reached 2160 interactions making it less awkward for introverts to connect and raise their heads from their phones.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Delivering speed networking in at least 10 sessions for either 5 - 15 minutes durations either beforehand or afterwards on a daily basis.

I worked on this training for 3 days as a full time trainer.

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