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Respect, Review, Release HRE. Report, React, Respond to hate speech

The training activity took place
in London
organised by AICEM
1st -7th August 2016

Aims & objectives

• Promote human rights (HR) among young people and their role as citizens, to contrast discrimination based on background. Explore ways young people can use both offline and online tools to exercise and defend democratic rights use them to engage and influence political decision related to Human Rights (HR) and Human Rights Education (HRE).
• Empower youth workers and actors working with youth with tools and methodologies on HRE in order to start a common campaign in the UK and to support participants to implement concrete actions through their organizations, implementing new projects and positively influence local authorities on the importance of HRE.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The team was composed by 2 Italian, 1 spanish, 1 english trainer, meanwhile the group was composed by UK resident but also coming from different background and from the commonwhelath

Training methods used & main activities

The programme was designed to let participants begin developing experience and competences to deal with human rights and human rights education with young people as a resource for the communities in several contexts, as well as HR promotion online and offline. Fighting prejudices and discrimination, attitudes toward different identity parts that can be affected by discrimination (faith, religion, cultural background, race, gender/sex, age, disability, etc), such as social exclusion situations. 2. The programme and methods used: Almost the entire group mentioned the innovation concerning different methods used and that the training corresponded to their expectation almost 100%. Court case study, Advertise HR, other role-plays on advocacy, the vision concerning intercultural learning and interreligious dialogue taken from 2 different perspective, Enter! Dignitiland were mentioned a lot as well as the way we planned follow up visually on the floor. Bill Howe from Stop Hate UK and Michael Whine from CST intervention were also mentioned positively in the evaluations, because participants could see the work implemented at higher level, and how they could join. The public debate was mentioned few times to say that we should organise more opportunity like this during a training course, despite the fact that at the end of the discussion became a panel, because always the same people spoke. Participants mentioned also that they learned a lot from exchanging stories coming from speakers and participants that intervened in the course. Most of the participants underlined the use of CoE resources as extremely useful in each session.
20 % of the participants mentioned that they come from an eye professional environment like schools and NHS and the use of non-formal education is not so much used, so even though they enjoyed it and they want to implement it, they also liked to follow speakers. Few participants(especially teachers) would have liked even more debriefing and feedback from the team.

Outcomes of the activity

• Improved knowledge on HR and HRE;
• Development of actual advocacy and campaigning activities until 10th December 2016;
• Improved competences about HRE and the use of Compass as the major tool to promote HR and educate on HR;
• Understanding of the importance of e-tools and social media, within the framework of non-formal education;
• Improved knowledge about the Council of Europe and its activities in the HR field;
• Development of the capacity of networking with other people and organisations working in a multicultural atmosphere;
• Realization of long-term joint actions to promote HR and HRE online and offline through the No Hate Speech Movement (NHSM).
• Involvement and availability to cooperate of governmental partners working on hate crime such as Stop Hate UK and the programme on hate crime of the department of justice.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was the coordinator of the course, but also coordinating the partnership with UK public and private institutions. I have been looking after the public debate happened during the course.

I worked on this training for 8 days as a full time trainer.

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