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Religion as cross-cutting issue in youth work within EuroMed context

The training activity took place
in Madaba, Jordan
organised by ILE
Thursday (Arrival), Sep. 27 – Friday (Departure), Oct. 5, 2012

Aims & objectives


To promote intercultural dialogue through deeper understanding of the inherent cross-cutting religious dimension and providing tools to better tackle this critical issue in youth work within EuroMed context.
2. To raise awareness about different beliefs & their impact on EuroMed work.
3. To provide youth workers with pedagogical tools needed to approach EuroMed religious dimension.
4. To make participants confident & motivated to tackle this dimension within their work.

Partner Countries:

Belgium, Bulgaria, Egypt, Latvia, Tunisia, Sweden, Germany, Morocco, and Jordan.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Organizers and Trainers:

The main organizer of the training course is Institute for Leadership Excellence (ILE). ILE established in 2010 and it carry out various youth projects, conferences, training courses, workshops, and seminars on the national, regional and the international level. The scope of work of ILE varies from entrepreneurship, capacity building, women & youth empowerment, and to EuroMed projects and partnerships building.

The training will be implemented by international team of trainers: Iyad Aljaber (Jordan), Joke van Dooren (Belgium) and Ieva Grundsteine (Latvia).

Target group: Youth worker, activist, leaders

Training methods used & main activities

The Decalogue Dialogue
City Game- Madaba with interactive tasks (some of them related to religion)

Getting into the topic:
Symbol of my belief/religion
Main concepts (religion, faith, belief, culture & tradition)

Religion timeline

Wearing pictures
Iceberg model of religion

Questions and answers

Religion and values:
Yasmin story

Living library
through Skype

Living Library -
external experts

Excursion to Madaba old town “Churches and Mosques”
Mount Nebo
Dead Sea
Baptism site

NGO Market: Youth work got talent show (livestream)

Youth work reality in the different countries

The challenges in EuroMed Youth work
(theater play + special feedback-roles)

Introduction NFL
“EuroMed Youth IV” and “Youth in Action programmes

Tool Concepts sources sharing

Development of Initiatives

Advertisements Creation of action plan

Daily Reflection groups

Outcomes of the activity

Educational tools about the topic; role plays created by participants in groups.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Lead trainer and host organisation

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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