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Project Instruments for Erasmus+

The training activity took place
in Florina, Greece
organised by Development Assistance Center

Aims & objectives

The TC will provide the participants with instruments and work procedures for the successful implementation of their projects. The TC is part of the PIE+ strategic partnership aiming to develop project management instruments for KA2 - Youth in Action.
Development Assistance Center and its partners are looking for participants interested to take part in the training course “Project Instruments for Erasmus+” that will take place in Florina, Greece between 12-18 November 2016 (travel days included).

The training course will bring together 32 participants. Through this call we intend to select 10 participants from Greece, France, Sweden, Cyprus and Italy.
The training course will provide the participants with instruments and work procedures for the successful implementation of their Erasmus+ KA2 in the field of youth projects.

The objectives of the training courses are:
Reflect upon the process of project management and the benefits of managing projects with the help of dedicated instruments;
Explore the quality elements and project management needs of more complex projects (including more than one international mobility);
Get familiar with and learn to use the project management instruments developed in PIE+;
Give feedback on the presented instruments;
Network with project managers and organizations working and interested in working with more complex projects;
Create a framework for sharing of good practices and peer learning related with project implementation, monitoring and reporting.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Project managers/youth workers with experience in Erasmus+ projects and/or those that have an approved project that will start soon;
Working level of English language;
Capacity and will to disseminate the information and content of the training and the PIE+ instruments to at least three other persons from their own organization/institution and/or other relevant stakeholders (only those participants from outside the PIE+ partnership)*;
*We expected that the participants in the TC, representing other organizations than those involved in the partnership, will organize an information session to at least three other persons from their organization/institution. Those participating in the course will be asked to provide signed participants list and a one page report of the dissemination event they have done.

Training methods used & main activities

Non Formal Education Methods
Team building activities
Interactive Workshops
Testing of project management instruments developed in the PIE+ strategic partnership and giving feed-back in relation with several criterias

Outcomes of the activity

Equipping the participants with project management instruments that support their work with international projects;
Developing the capacity of the participating organizations to implement international projects;
Receiving feed-back for the presented instruments with the purpose of further refining them.

Increased project management capacities will benefit the partners and the target group of the project. Developing the project management capacities of the staff of an organization means keeping costs, timeframes and resources to budget while reducing the chance of a project failing. It ensures a minimum level of quality and that the activities are organized and followed up properly. It helps the organizations to use their human resources better increasing in this way the capacity of implementing more projects simultaneously and affecting more and better their target group.
Better project management has many benefits for an organization and all of them are translated into a more successful activity and impact on the target group. Better project management can lead to the development of the organization and its activities and to an increased professionalization of the youth organizations.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Preparation and facilitation of the TC
Designing the structure of the TC as well as activities and methods used during the training;
Preparing training materials and literature;
Facilitating the TC;
Reporting the TC.

Arranging the practicalities for the course (finding a suitable accommodation with a training room, restaurants, purchasing materials for the TC);
Reporting of the costs incurred;
Preparing the infopack.

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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