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Pin for ME_ Promoting Inclusion for Migrants' Empowerment

The training activity took place
in Palermo, Italy
organised by Per Esempio Onlus

Aims & objectives

This TC was designed to transfer and exchange different educational methods and approaches (such as Storytelling, art therapy, the theatre of the oppressed, techniques to stimulate participation and to help individual orientation).

Specific Objectives:
- Improve the quality of youth work addressed to young migrants through cooperation and exchange of practices among youth organizations and youth workers
- Increase the capacity and improve the strategies of youth workers and organizations, addressed to the support/inclusion of young migrants
- Improve the skills and the quality of their work with young migrants
through peer education
- Improve their understanding and response to social, linguistic and cultural diversity in order to bring about positive social changes aimed at multiculturalism,
inclusion and tolerance
- Increase satisfaction and motivation in their daily work with migrants, equipping them with educational tools and approaches necessary to involve young migrants and transferring European values

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

12 Youth workers ,members of the staff of the participating organizations or educators, aged + 25 years old (no age limit) who are involved in activities or in the implementation of projects addressed to young migrants’ social inclusion. The participants came from three Notrth-Central Europe countries (UK, France, Germany) and from three South-Europe countries (Italy, Greece and Spain).

The team of trainers was also formed by Luisa Costa and Adriana Branno

Training methods used & main activities

The program of the TC alternated theoretical and practical activities by balancing space for reflection and moments of discussion, exchange and debriefing.

During the TC, I used the following non-formal methods such as Storytelling, art therapy, the theatre of the oppressed, techniques to stimulate active listening and participation and to help individual orientation.

Outcomes of the activity

The TC addresses to three main aspects of young migrants’ inclusion: listening, participation and orientation. On one hand, the youth workers developed good skills in listening to young people; on the other hand, they had the opportunity to develop communication skills and acquire educational tools and approaches to promote young migrants’ orientation and participation within hosting societies. Further more they acquired competence in designing project and educational activities addressed to young migrants’ inclusion.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

- Prepare, implement and facilitate the activities before mentioned,
- Support the other trainers to prepare their activities;
-Prepare the materials and the settings for the activities implementation
-Support the participants' learning process
-Facilitate group debriefing and discussions
- Facilitate plenary and individual evaluation and self-reflection
- Take into account participants' learning needs according to the objectives, flow and agenda of the TC.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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