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Passion for learning, Learning for Passion

The training activity took place
in Amendolea - Italy
organised by Pame Ambro
10 -15 November 2014
Reference person

Salvi Greco

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Aims & objectives

The main focus of this training course was the exploration of the connection between passion and learning. In discussions about learning the importance of finding your passion as a driving force for your learning is often mentioned. We believe strongly that the connection between passions and learning is crucial for being a life-long learner. In this course we wanted to explore the implications of that connection for as well learners as facilitators of learning.
For learners there is the big challenge to find their passion(s), to get aware about what drives them, to know their talents and strengths. To be a life-long learner and to obtain the therefore necessary competence to direct your own learning it is crucial to make your own choices for the learning path you want to follow. Which is not an easy task in a fast changing world that seems to offer an unlimited amount of possibilities. This all put new demands on learners.
At the same time facilitators of learning have to be able to assist learners in the process of finding their passion and setting out their learning paths.

- to explore the concept of passion and its' relevance for learning
- to support participants in the course to discover their own passions(s) and talents
- to explore the connection between your passion and your own learning
- to explore facilitation concepts that support learners to unlock their passions
- to support participants to implement the outcomes of the course in their daily practice

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Youth workers from 13 different countries participated in this course. The team was two people; one Italian and one Dutch

Training methods used & main activities

The methods of the training course were based on non-formal education, self-directed learning, taking highly in consideration participants needs. The inspirational and passionate environment of the venue ‘il Bergamotto’ were integrated as much as possible in the programme.

Outcomes of the activity

The evaluation of the participants was extremely positive. One if the important aims of the course was to provide participants with ideas and methods they could use in their daily work with young people to help them activate their passion for learning.
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Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Within the team I was responsible for preparation, organisation, logistics and last but not least I was one of the trainers.

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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