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Pass it on! - Find your own way to adequate European minded actions in your local community

The training activity took place
in Dworp Belgium
organised by Junt Belgium Flemish National Agency of Youth programme
6-11 November 2006

Aims & objectives

Objectives were to empower the participants to:
o Evaluate/identify the impact of an international youth experience
o Analyse needs, resources and potentiality of their organisation and
o Promote of the European dimension within their organisation and /or
their local community
o Multiply the impact of international youth experiences by taking
action in the local community to use activities with a European dimension as
a tool to improve the quality of the daily work with young people

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

17 participants
Belgium : 3 participants
Malta : 4 participants
Italy : 4 participants
Spain : 2 participants
France : 2 participants
Denmark : 1 participant
The Netherlands : 1 participant

Composition of the team
-Saskia Vandeputte- Belgium,
Emile Guillaume- France,
Alena Capova- Czech Republic)
Saro Rossi- Italy

Training methods used & main activities

The learning process the training want to address will start from participants’ experience, both individual and group learning will be promoted. Flexibility and active participation were also two key aspects of the whole structure of the course, through which it was possible to guarantee that the objectives of the course will correspond to the needs of the participants.

Outcomes of the activity

In terms of concrete outcomes, Pass It On! training course has reached its goals. Indeed, each participant has left the training course with a clear idea of further step to take to develop actions with a european dimension and give an extra value to their own experience or the experience of the organisation.
All the projects created aims at enhancing the European dimension of the organisation (policies orientation, regular activities), promoting networks and co-operation among local actors working with young people.

Projects responding to specific needs of participants organisations have been matched to allow development of peer support and partnership building. The 5 different areas of projects choosen for this were:
- Organisational exchanges: exchanges of experience and information inside the organisation or the local community such as developing contact with local authorities, promotion of activities organised by a group or service in the organisation, or use “job shadowing” with other european organisation to raise awareness on the european dimension added value.
- Events promoting the Youth Programme, targeting in priority youth with less opportunities by focusing on skills and knowledges gained when participating in different actions (group exchanges, EVS, group inititiatives…). Can take the form of a European Week, Music festival. Participants proposed to network to gain visibility.
- Youth exchanges, involving youngsters with less opportunities, from youngsters with a disabilities to excluded migrants.
- Youth initiatives on Visual Art, to enter in contact with youngsters i.e: creating a movie to be shown in school and youth centers, using theatre with excluded youth.
- Website creation, to allow communication and ideas exchanges among young people, to give info on youth activities on local authority websites already existing.

On a long-lasting process, support to the participants projects will be offered by the trainers, encouraging participants to meet National Agencies officers and network at national and European level together with the other participants.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Co-trainer and programme and concept designer

I worked on this training for 6 days as a full time trainer.

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