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Outreach Youth Work in Rural Areas

The training activity took place
in Leszno, Poland
organised by Udruga za promicanje informatike, kulture I suzivota, Croatia
Reference person

Borisz Negeli

(Project Coordinator)
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Aims & objectives

Outreach Youth Work in Rural areas was a short term training course which lasted for 5 days and gathered 15 people – 2 coordinators, a trainer and 11 participants. It lasted between 24-28.08.2019.
The Training is part of an ERASMUS+ KA 2 STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP in the youth field
Cooperation for exchange of good practice, titled “Why Youth Work is Good” and was a space to explore outreach youth work with focus on youth work in rural areas / small communities.
This short term Training was hosted by Fundacja Centrum Aktywności Twórczej, in Leszno – Poland and the project was submitted by Udruga za promicanje informatike, kulture I suzivota, Croatia.

The goals of the training course were:
To explore outreach youth work, with special focus on rural areas;
To share good practices of Youth Work;
To experience methods and approaches in youth sector;
To learn how to use outreach youth work to include marginalized youth.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The Training Course gathered 2 representatives youth workers per partner, plus 3 ppeople from the delivering and coordination team (1 trainer, 1 co-trainer and coordinator and the project coordinator) who were responsible for the program and learning outcomes; and for the logistics and administration issues.
In total, the group was built by 2 trainers from Poland, 1 coordinator from Croatia and youth workers or young participants from Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Bulgaria and Greece.

Training methods used & main activities

Team building, name game and get to know each other, energizers, city challenge, group reflectionsm world caffe, study visits, presentations, plenary work, work in small groups (national or mixed-nationalities, deppending on the topic of work), role playing, work in local reality, compass evaluation, mentoring, creative corners, problem tree.

Outcomes of the activity

Framework sum up of the reality of Youth Work in the counties involved in the project;
Better and deep understanding on what are rural areas, what is youth work, who are young people and their characteristics, learn good practices from abroad connected with the topic to implement at local level, deeper understanding of youht work and its importance for young people in rural areas, better understanding, better learning on certain tools (as EVS, mentoring, etc) to implement at rural level through NGOs.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was one of the trainers, delivering and facilitating knowledge about what are rural areas, what is youth work, what is youth work in rural areas, Methods of youth Work, YW Rural reality in the countries involved in the project.

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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