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One step Greener

The training activity took place
in Graz, Austria
organised by Kinderbüro
1-7, July, 2013

Aims & objectives

The project objectives are to enlarge the participant's knowledge about children and youth rights and that the youth workers gain their practical skills and experience about working with youngsters in the field of environmental issues, recycling methods and innovations. Furthermore the participants should be supported in finding ways of how to boost the youngsters ́ awareness on environmental rights as part of human rights in their own country. Besides during the project the participants will create a booklet with eco tips, including their experiences and learning processes, which will be printed afterwards in order to reach bigger audience and to help the youth workers make the youngsters more motivated.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Armenian Progressive Youth NGO, Armenia (6 participants)
System and Generation, Turkey (6 participants)
Association of citizens Centre for Youth Activity, FYROM (6 participants)
Kinderburo, Austria (6 participants)
The total number of the participants were 24, they were youth workers or active volunteers of their organizations.

Training methods used & main activities

The programme was based on the principles of non-formal learning. Participants were actively involved during the whole implementation of the programme.

Name games, team-building activities, Caffee corners, role-play games, simulation games, theoritical imput and learning by doing methods were implemented.

Every day, participants were taking part in reflection groups where they had to reflect on the learning process of the day, and provide suggestions or remarks for the trainers team and host organization.

Participants were also actively contributing during the workshops with their opinions, active participation, questions and comments to trainers and guest speakers.

During last phase while participants worked in future project ideas.

Outcomes of the activity

The project had an impact on all target groups indicated in application including participants, partner promoter organisations. The project’s preparatory process had a special impact on young people from host organization as they contributed to the application and preparation process. When it comes to participants, this training course impacted them in different way:
• In delivering content related to Recycling and Upcycling.
• In their future working process with youngsters
• In addressing issues related to cultural stereotypes,
• In skills to analyze and question the information,
• In developing skills and experience in preparing, organizing leading and evaluating workshops,
• In critical thinking.
The project as well empowered participants to get more involved in European youth work in general and Cultural Diversity promotion in general.
What applies to impact on young people in partner promoter organisations:
• They had an opportunity to participate in new projects developed during the training course,
• They benefited from competences acquired by young people from their organisations who came to Austria,
• They were able to spread gotten knowledge to their communities and multiply the effect of the training course.
In the longer term young people will benefit from increased awareness of issues and participate in volunteering opportunities discussed and popularised during the training course.
Partner promoter organisations benefited in following ways:
• Partner promoter organisations are more equipped in delivering good quality European training courses in the future with usage of networking.
• They are able to develop new projects thanks to new contacts gained.

Participants reflected on their learning outcomes on a daily basis as well as during the final evaluation session on July 6. Participants’ learning outcomes were also recognised.
The project’s multiplying effect was achieved in the following ways:
- all participants spread the knowledge gained in their organisations and informed their target groups about the possibilities European volunteering creates for young people in Europe,
- a project press releases were produced and disseminated on partner promoter websites and through their usual channels of communication,
- a project summary and photos were placed on partner promoter websites and the Facebook group as well as on participant’s private profiles.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

The project is implemented by one trainer. My tasks were reach the objectives of the training course with the methods of non-formal education.

2. To facilitate the project creating process at the last day of the training course
3. To facilitate the intercultural nights as added value for the training course
4. To prepare the final report.

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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