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New Perspectives - Young People with Fewer Opportunities in the European Youth Programme

The training activity took place
in Bonn Germany
organised by German National Agency
23/11/2009 - 26/11/2009
Reference person

Jarkko Soininen

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Aims & objectives

The CMS was for Organisations who work with disadvantaged young people who are taking part in employment training. EVS is supposed to be a part of their professional life, since it facilitates non-formal learning processes and helps to acquire necessary key-competences.
The Organisations which were targeted were "Newcomers in EVS" specifically targeted to organisations supporting young people in employment measures.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The team was made up of a reprosentative from the German National Agency, myself and Jarkko Soininen (a trainer from Finland). New Perspectives introduced organisations from 5 European countries specifically targeting promoters working with youth with fewer opportunities with an interest in short-term EVS, youth exchange & other actions of the YIA programme. Participants joined us from seven countries Luxembourg, Sweden, France, Germany, Poland, UK, Finland.

Training methods used & main activities

Participants engaged in contact making activities as well as excersices developed to increase knowledge in the Youth in Action programme. The intention of this training was to support participants to develop EVS projects for youngsters who are taking part in employment trainings, (short-term, long-term or even group EVS projects). EVS is supposed to be the non-formal part of their employment training. Therefore much of the activity time was spent supporting partners in contact making activity as well as supporting the increase of knowledge in the Youth in Action programme.

Outcomes of the activity

This was a succesful training and linked to the German NA strategy New Perspectives which was developed to discover and influence the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities in the Youth in Action programme in order to pursue two
complementary objectives EU Commission :
 Access to the Youth in Action programme ought to be allowed for both organised
young people (in youth associations, youth councils, etc.) as well as for young people
who are not associated with a formal group.
 The Youth in Action programme ought increasingly to be applied as an instrument
which supports the inclusion, active citizenship and employability of young people
with fewer opportunities and thus contributes to social cohesion in general.
This was the first event and was followed up with another meeting in 2010

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was co-trainer on this activity and the two of us designed, developed and delivered all aspects of the training in partnership with Karin Schulz of the German National Agency.

I worked on this training for 4 days as a full time trainer.

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