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Motiv8 in Euro-Med

The training activity took place
in West Midlands, UK
organised by High Oak Youth Group / Angela Edwards
November 2011

Aims & objectives

As part of the European dimension, we can say that this project has almost all approaches to EU citizenship: Spanish (south-west), UK (north), Turkey (south-east). This diversity will give a full perspective of what Europe is, and also we will benefit from the Mediterranean countries.
− This project is tackling directly with social inclusion through sports in the Euro-Med context, so the European concerns related to racism, xenophobia and inclusive growth are all of them very clear in our project.
− This project is also very related to the principles of HHRR, and we are working in an Euro-Med context, so it will be even richer for the participants.
− We will have a intercultural night where the European dimension of the project will be very present, and in addition to this, we'll have the Meda countries.
− We are going to develop this project at the same time of the Olympics in order to give it a bigger European (global) dimension and impact.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

jordan,lebaon,egypt, uk and spain

Training methods used & main activities

The working methods
1- Workshops
2- Skills and tools for engagement
3- Intercultural learning activities
4- Euro-Med dimension / YIA
5- Field visits with reflections and presentations
6- Practicing Olympic and traditional sports and games
7- Community engagement
8- Evaluation
9- Dissemination/ exploration of results

Outcomes of the activity

The group create a Face Book page and Twitter to be used as a way of communicating during the three stage training project. This will also be used to keep the trainees up to date with what is going on and to be able to share in a closed group.
We plan to create a DVD that will be used as a memory of the project they have been involved in and also as a tool to use and share with others. This will also be sent to other relevant stake holders and youth organizations looking at some of the methods we have incorporated in the training and the impact they will have.
We will create a Press release, magazine article, and Networking with our local, regional, national and international partners to keep them informed about the training and it's impacts.
The reviews and evaluation Blogs and Pod cast will also be used as part of the dissemination with the consent of the trainees.
create a Community Games Event working with the Trainees and young people with fewer opportunities.
They will work with a group of young people in the local area with fewer opportunities to create an event show casing some of the skills they have learnt through the process. The event will be a mini Olympics including, sports, games, cultures, traditions, food and music all developed by the trainees working with the young people.
stake holders and other groups will be part of the event.
This will also be used as a celebration event for the trainees of the work they have established with the young people in the community.
This project have a great impact on the participant’s trainees and the trainers firstly; we will then hope that it will also have a big impact at the organizations we work for.
The team will build a strong partnership through the use of innovative group building activities, the E learning platform, the coaching process and the passion for what they do. This will lead to a lot of future multiplying opportunities and follow up.

We will also impact the local community by arranging different meetings with local NGO's. We hope that this might also create some good relations that will transform into possible future projects on the long term perspective.
Regarding the impact at the local level, we will create awareness of our activity by contacting the local media and inviting them to participate in some of our activities.
We will also be carrying out a community games even in the local community which will have an impact on the community and bring people from all back grounds, cultures, genders, and faiths together to share in the celebrations, just as the Olympics does. This will have a great impact and allow others to see the work we are doing in the Euro- Med projects we hope this will motivate others into positive action.

At the organization level, we are starting the cooperation and we expect that it will be a fruitful and positive future. We want to start a network of organizations dealing with sport at all levels (from Olympic sports to traditional sports). We will work also on diverse follow-up activities: first of all there will be a training course in Jordan, and from there, we'll try to activate groups of youth in order to start having multilateral Euro-Med youth exchanges and EVS.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

* leaded some sessions ,
* prepare the training hall for sessions
* prepare pre-post evaluate for the trinaing
* contribute in writing final report

I worked on this training for 7 days days as a full time trainer.

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