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Mid Term Evaluation 10 2019

The training activity took place
in Rome
organised by Italian National Agency for Youth
28-31 July 2019

Aims & objectives

the Mid Term Evaluation is an event of the Training and Evaluation Cycle. In this specific case the training involved both volunteers from the European Voluntary Service and from European Solidarity Corps programs. The MTE allows participants to assess their volunteering experience up to that point, to plan improvements and further steps - both within the activity period and after the end of the project and to raise awareness of their personal learning process.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Target group was made of 16 international volunteers from 8 different countries in the frame of EVS and Solidarity Corps volunteering. Participants were from Greece, Italy, Spain, Demark, Turkey, Norway, France and Portugal.
Team included another trainer (Stefania Zamparelli) and 2 logistic support team members.

Training methods used & main activities

The training was totally based on active and participatory methods typical of the NFL environment. In addition to usual activities there were also special workshops on podcasting as a tool to foster self awareness of learning progress among participants. Agenda was developed in order to comply with the TEC requirements and the National Agency guidelines.

Outcomes of the activity

Volunteers were supported in evaluating their projects and in understanding how to better self assess their specific learning goals and the competences reached during their volunteering project. The training was evaluated according to NA requirements and results of final questionnaires were extremely positive.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Together with my colleague Stefania Zamparelly we planned and delivered the training and its evaluation with the support of a specific 2 people logistic team. Me and Stefania shared all the responsibilities concerning content and methods choices and worked constantly as a team.

I worked on this training for 4 days as a full time trainer.

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