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Media Sapiens V - New Media for Social Changes

The training activity took place
in Senec, Slovakia
organised by People in Peril
1st - 8th of December 2013

Aims & objectives

- To identify common social problems and to find their effective solution with using new media;
- To share experiences in using new media in youth work;
- Give to the participants tolls that enable them to make future common initiatives, share and
disseminate work and good practices, promote and implement, in their communities; strengthen
national and European networks between cross-sectorial organizations and providing platforms to
future actions.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

- 21 participants from Bosnia and Hezegovina, Estonia, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine;
- 4 trainers from Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine;

Profile of participants:
- Youth workers and/or trainers on a professional level, volunteers very interested in the topic;
- Competences/skills about the project theme;
- Fluent in English;
- 18 years or older

Training methods used & main activities

- Theoretical inputs about effective using of new media in youth and community work and, personal and social development and citizenship values,
- Practical training in making short films for using in work of watchdog groups;
- Discussion about an effective communication at social media;
- Presentation of successful and creative social campaigns;
- Exchange;
- Discussions;
- Role playing.

Outcomes of the activity

- Strengthen capacity and qualification of youth workers and organizations to develop more effective
ways in solving social problems;
- Exchange between people active in the field of youth initiatives and youth work;
- New cooperation’s and international future projects.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

- Preparing and delivering Team-building activities,
- Preparing and delivering session on Expectations and fears of participants,
- Preparing and delivering session on Competences and Youthpass,
- Preparing and delivering session on New media campaigns and group work on Project management,
- Preparing and delivering presentation of Youth in Action and Erasmus+
- Evaluation and report of my work

I worked on this training for 6 days as a full time trainer.

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