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Media Sapiens - Fundraising Through Media

The training activity took place
in Parnu, Estonia
organised by Life Zone Group
10th - 18th of August 2014

Aims & objectives

The aims of the TC were to provide youth workers/youth leaders with competences and new ideas on how to media tools for fundraising for larger impact projects in their organisation. TC aim is to raise experienced youth workers’ awareness about providing youth workers/leaders with competencies and new ideas on social media software and different media tools usage for additional fundraising for their groups and organisations to reach larger impact in their societies, especially outreaching young people from rural or deprived urban areas.

The objectives of this activity were:
- to explore various tools, ways, creative techniques useful for fundraising;
- to help participants design communication and dissemination activities relevant to their projects, target groups, scope of activities;
- to develop competences, skills necessary to implement PR, communication and fundraising campaigns efficiently;
- to share good practices;
- to provide opportunities, space and frames for participants to experiment on possible relevant tools and methods during the training;
- to share new and innovative approaches, concepts and activities;
- to give emphasis to the development of practical aspects.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The target group consisted young youth workers/leaders, experienced beneficiaries, newcomers and professionals who are interested in the implementation of Erasmus+ projects, and in the promotion of the programme and youth work as well as voluntarism and international cooperation and to learn new communication tools in a creative and open setting.

Countries involved in the project:
- Albania,
- Bosnia and Herzegovina,
- Cyprus,
- Estonia,
- Italy,
- Latvia,
- Romania,
- Slovakia,
- Slovenia,
- Sweden,
- Turkey,
- Ukraine.

Training methods used & main activities

- Work in small groups,
- Individual work,
- Learning by doing,
- Presentations,
- Reflections,
- Word cafe,
- Role play,
- Orientation exercise,
- Public speaking.

Outcomes of the activity

- 3 concrete projects, going to be applied on October's deadline,
- 3 films about the project and Parnu town,
- 7 media coverages from Estonia and partner countries,
- concrete suggestions on Media Sapiens Network development.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

- coordinating travel to and from Parnu,
- logistic support to organiser,
- planning of project activities,
- facilitating other Trainers,
- Preparing and delivering "Future cooperation" activity,
- Facilitating "Event management & fundraising" activity.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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