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Make the Mov(i)e

The training activity took place
in Naples, Italy
organised by MO.DA.VI-Federazione provinciale di Napoli
January 14-21st, 2018

Aims & objectives

The project aimed to increase the awareness on social inclusion through the design, implementation and the dissemination of short films on the perception that participants have about social exclusion, related to issues such as poverty, homelessness, disability, ethnic minorities or immigration, illiteracy, unemployment, family conditions, addictions and so on.

-raising awareness of the understanding that young people have on problems like social inclusion and exclusion, comparing their opinions and formulating possible solutions
-to increase the knowledge of the community on factors and causes of poverty and social exclusion through short films resulting from reflection and creativity of the participants
-to positively influence community attitudes to make every individual aware of his/her responsibility in seeking solutions to improve social inclusion in his/her societies and in Europe
-giving voice to young people through short films and social media as active participation tools
-create a stable and effective European network able to develop coordinated projects and actions to combat poverty and social exclusion
-to develop positive attitudes such as a mutual dialogue and understanding, as well as the participants’ creative, participative and intercultural learning skills
-promote the accessibility of the Erasmus+ program for young people with fewer opportunities.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

42 young people with fewer opportunities, mainly between 18-30 years old coming from 6 different countries (Armenia, Ukraine, Italy, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain).

Training methods used & main activities

During the activity we used non-formal methods with non-frontal approach. There were simulation games, role plays, forum theatre, image theater, the activity ''Outsiders'' etc. We encouraged peer education and gave a chance to the participants to share their realities during an open space and discussions.

Outcomes of the activity

The project had great impact to the individuals who came from disadvantaged areas with different backgrounds and different perceptions about the social inclusion. They got to know about social exclusion and inclusion, their effects, poverty, marginalization. They got to get some practical video making, editing skills and they used the combination of understanding the meaning of social inclusion and practical skills and made 6 short movies promoting social inclusion.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was responsible to make the whole programme of the activity along with other team members and conduct training sessions on Social exclusion, effects of social exclusion. Also I was coaching to the teams to come up with a movie idea and develop them in the context of social inclusion.

I worked on this training for 6 days as a full time trainer.

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