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The training activity took place
in Sabbioneta, Italy
organised by Kungälvs kommun
25.08.18 - 31.08.2018
Reference person

Anneli Lagergren

(Secretary of Kungalvs Kommun)
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Aims & objectives

The project aims to cultivate and enhance competencies of youthworkers and their work linked to the Erasmus+ programme.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

During the 7 days of activities 23 youth workers, youth leaders, public body representatives and project managers from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, UK, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Romania were part of a common setting for building strong competencies in order to obtain high quality in the implementation of future projects under Erasmus+.

Training methods used & main activities

The training activity was structured in 3 learning modules: Youthwork and developing related competences using different tools and resources (ETS competence model, youthworker portofolio, case studies, roleplay); Nonformal Education: Erasmus+ as a tool for social change and youth empowerment.
The methodology was developed by the lead trainer using different elements of real life, basic concepts of youthwork, personal experiences and random learning elements which were linked into a circular 7 day learning experience.

Outcomes of the activity

The implementation of the training activity resulted in a vast variety of learning outcomes in regards
to quality youthwork, using non formal education and using the Erasmus+ Programme to satisfy
needs of youth and counteract negative social dynamics.
Among these: increased responsibility and autonomy in using Erasmus+ properly, improved competences as youthworkers working with youth in disadvantaged categories, proper understanding of Nonformal Education and how to use it, increased transnational capacity for youthworkers and youth organizations.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I have been the lead trainer, designing and implementing the learning activity with support of the assistant trainer and of the hosting organization.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

Testimonial of the reference person

Cosmin Saic was an excellent trainer and we learnt a lot.

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