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Let's Work

The training activity took place
in Nyíregyháza, Hungary
organised by HUMAN-NET Foundation
26 August - 1 September 2013.

Aims & objectives

General problem is in several countries and regions the case of the unemployed youngsters. How a youth worker can help in this situation? What can we offer and what are the new methods to show the young people how they can work out the needed strategies? How can we help to them to build up their future? We build the process to the sharing the western and eastern experiences with the involvement of organizations from Eastern Europe and Caucasus countries too.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The team of trainers are from Hungary Imre Toviskes and Ukraine Natalia Danilchenko and co trainer Attila Sziklai.
The group of participants are 24 people from 6 different countries. Youth workers, trainers, social workers. The partner organisations are:
HUMAN-NET Foundation – Hungary
World for youth – Russian Union
YUVA Humanitarian Center – Azerbaijan
House of Education and Life Promoters – Poland
Support for Youth Development Association – Romania
TUCH Project – Ukraine

Training methods used & main activities

Our program was established to deal with the more urgent need of the society to reduce unemployment and mostly the unemployment of young people and of those who just entered the job market. The unemployment of these people is larger than before and economy specialists say, that is can only be reduced with joint venture and rather on the long run.
Our goal is to empower the participants to recognize the processes and to understand them. We would like to give such tools for them, which help to find mutual solutions during their daily work.
During the training we apply tools of non-formal pedagogy and some other training methodology. We will promote such tools, which accessible for free and give new skills to the experts working on specific fields of activities. One of these tools named „COMPASS – Manual for Human Rights Education with Young People” published by the Council of Europe.
We will build the study process based on the earlier experiences of the participants and will work on such cases, with which we can start a conversation, mutual understanding well based on the introduction of theoretical knowledge and practice attached. The underlying principle of the training is to use self-experience based study process, besides we aim to enforce the participants to be capable of re-integrating acknowledgement after recognizing and understanding them.
It is a prior element during the program to handle such knowledge in such ways, which are useful not only for the participants, but for the founders and target groups of multiplicative institutes and organizations. The training adopts the wide tool range of role playing and drama pedagogy to help the representation of diverse scenes. To give an introduction into the thematic will enhance the acknowledgement of carrier-issues from a different point of view.

Outcomes of the activity

In the time of the training we prepared several videos and methodical description of the exercises, training flow and generally the working tools with young unemployed groups. We share these ones in the blog of the training.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Leader trainer

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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