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Let's Shape Inclusion ( TC )

The training activity took place
in Potenza, Italy
organised by Yes- Youth Europe and Solidarity
12.05.2016 - 19.05.2016

Aims & objectives


- To empower selected youth/social workers by training them in using NE tools based on figurative arts as a means to engage troubled youth in effective and meaningful social action.
- To raise awareness of the demand for human-friendly social action as a tool for improving the condition and ensuring inclusion of troubled youth through innovative NFE instruments (in this case, based on figurative arts).
- To deepen existing cooperation and coordination arrangements between Partner Organizations with a view to implementing further activities in the field of social action involving youth with serious behavioural and integration problems.
- To improve each Partner Organization’s endowment of informational assets and technical know-how in the realm of Non Formal Education, with a view to incrementing operational skills and proficiency in dealing with sensible categories at the local level.
- To promote a transnational partnership at the European level among NGOs and actors (public as well as private) with a vested interest in perfecting and promoting an human, non-paternalistic and horizontal approach to the issue of troubled youth.

The TC ( Training Course ) addressed the need to include Troubled Youth through Non Formal methods. The goals fit the organizations due to the people they work with. They are actively involved with Youth during their normal work days. Learning new inclusive methods for Youth and Troubled Youth will help them and their participants greatly for their own work. As well as offer new skills to deal with certain situations where Troubled Youth do not feel included, or comfortable in the environment.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

24 youth/social workers from 5 ( Italy with two organizations ) countries.
Italy ( 2x )

Training methods used & main activities

The training methods used were based on Non Formal Education. Using interactive workshops to create a safe comfortable environment. While at the same time proceeding to share the idea of the project, reaching it's goals and spreading the idea of inclusion of Troubled Youth.

Example of workshop:

Golden Fish: Concept of Inclusion and Rehabilitation
The activity aimed to identify the elements that define the concept of inclusion and rehabilitation of troubled youth categories through figurative Arts to break down prejudices and stereotypes, to show how youth / social workers can motivate young people with serious personal and social problems to practice Art as a means of fostering social inclusion and/or rehabilitation.

Outcomes of the activity

In general terms, “The Canvass of Life - Let's Shape Inclusion ” aims at empowering participants to actively make a difference in dealing with the challenging undertaking of troubled youth integration. This ability will come from the assimilation of concrete knowledge and NFE instruments and from the development of precise attitudes that will mould participants’ thinking and action in a way to make them possible to involve sensible target groups in the most successful fashion. Participants will be more open, tolerant, keen on flexible and unconventional thinking as well as able to apply an effective balance between empathy as the basis of an human-friendly approach to social action and professionalism characterizing the role of a social operator.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was the full time trainer during the entire period of the project. In the team along with me were my co-trainers Claudia Baltolu and Mattia Cordioli.

I worked on this training for 6 days as a full time trainer.

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