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Leaders of tomorrow

The training activity took place
in Czech rep. (A1), Spain (A2)
organised by Genesis NGO
13.6 - 30.9.2022
Reference person

Linda Phan

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Aims & objectives

This was 2 stage long learning process. The aim of the training was to teach youth workers about leadership and its merits based on core values. We focused on systematic thinking, project management, positive attitude, creation of safe space and heathy environment. With this we were aiming at increasing need of having more leaders who are responsible and can create positive impact instead of achieving numbers, we worked on values because we wanted to pass on importance of humanity and human approach.
This fits our organisation because we do lot of mentoring and leading in our won societies. We focus on helping people to grow and evolve, leadership is one of the directions we feel strongly about because it helps to create atmosphere where people are supported and their true talents can be discovered and implied.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Team was composed out of the youth workers from Genesis and Manfred. As an originator of the project, lead trainer and methodologist I had support for the first stage from Linda and David from Genesis who were responsible for coordination and logistics. Support trainer was Aneta, who is also MD of Genesis. Fo the second stage only difference was that logistics were covered by Julian from Manfred.

Target group consisted of youth workers and young people who are interested in youth work and leadership. We had a chance to teach people from following countries: Lebanon, Ukraine, Maroko, Greece, Azerbaijan, Spain, Turkey and Czech Republic. Youth workers were between 22 and 34.

Training methods used & main activities

Training methods were designed on teachings and mentality of Simon Sinek who was one of the inspiration for such an approach, second one was Sir Ken Robinson and his approach towards creativity and development of human potential.

E.G.:Through activity project management we explored study cases in groups based on evolving conditions in which during the process teams were learning new circumstance and they had to reach. At the end they presented their solutions and shared their way through it.
E.G.: Take a step, people learned about differences, situations, conditions that can affect one's life as well as performance. We connected this activity to another one where in teams they developed approaches how to create safe space when it is consisted of several nationalities, religions, etc. Basically we were covering how international groups can work better and what leaders need to do.

Outcomes of the activity

Through this activity we achieved to guide youth workers through methodology based on Simon Sinek's teachings and how to be inspirational leader. The whole training consisted of activities targeted on individual work and team work as well as traits and practical skills that leaders require.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was the main methodologist and originator of the idea. I based this on what I learned through my practice enhanced for teaching of S.Sinek and Sir K.Robinson. To this I was also able to work in experience from my position of Taekwon-Do trainer and approach toward people and achievement, as well as use of previous Erasmus+ projects.

I prepared whole program including all the activities and their delivery. For the first stage I had support trainer and during the second stage I had junior trainer who was learning from me. Beside that I was responsible for application and final report.

I worked on this training for 13 days as a full time trainer.

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