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The training activity took place
in Budapest
organised by Anthropolis Egyesület
17 - 23 October 2023
Reference person

Viktoria Mihalkó

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Aims & objectives

The aim of the training course in the LAB4GE project was to provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to promote gender equality and women's empowerment. It aimed to empower participants to become multipliers of gender equality principles and methodologies in their respective organizations and communities.

Objectives of the Training Course:

- To deepen participants' understanding of gender equality issues, challenges, and opportunities within various social, cultural, and economic contexts.
- To introduce participants to innovative methodologies and best practices related to gender equality and women's empowerment.
- To enhance participants' leadership, communication, and advocacy skills to foster gender-sensitive approaches in their work and daily lives.
- To provide a platform for knowledge exchange and networking among participants from different European countries, encouraging cross-cultural learning and cooperation.
- To inspire participants to take action and become change agents in promoting gender equality, diversity, and inclusivity within their organizations and wider communities.
- To explore the role of social entrepreneurship and women's participation in addressing gender disparities and promoting sustainable development.
- To facilitate the development of action plans and initiatives that contribute to the advancement of gender equality in various professional settings.
- To encourage participants to critically reflect on gender stereotypes and biases, fostering a more inclusive and equitable environment.
- To equip participants with the tools and methodologies to create digital storytelling projects that amplify women's voices and experiences.
- To promote the adoption of a gender-sensitive approach in international working and volunteering placements, ensuring inclusivity and equal opportunities for all participants.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The target group for this activity was individuals with a strong interest in promoting gender equality and women's empowerment, including educators, youth workers, social workers, activists, and professionals from different sectors.

The countries and nationalities involved in the activity were diverse, reflecting the project's aim to create a cross-cultural learning environment. Participants and team members came from European Union member states and beyond, fostering a rich exchange of perspectives and experiences. The specific countries and nationalities represented in the activity included:

Hungary: Represented by the project coordinator, Anthropolis Egyesület, based in Budapest, Hungary.

United Kingdom: Represented by Asfar, a UK-based organization specializing in international education and youth empowerment.

Denmark: Represented by InterCollege ApS, an organization focused on entrepreneurship and youth development.

Italy: Represented by Associazione SUD, an Italian organization dedicated to social and cultural projects.

Spain: Represented by two partner organizations, I-BOX Create and INNOWA, both contributing to the project's objectives in gender equality.

Romania: Represented by International Internships SRL, a Romanian organization focusing on international mobility and learning opportunities.

Training methods used & main activities

The methods utilized focused on promoting active participation, critical thinking, and practical application of knowledge. Some examples of the training methods used in the course include:

Digital Storytelling: Participants created short films using their own photographs to tell personal stories, combining traditional storytelling with ICT tools. This method allowed participants to express themselves creatively while addressing gender equality topics.

Workshops: Interactive workshops were conducted, providing a platform for hands-on learning and collaborative discussions. Workshops covered various topics related to gender equality, such as emotional intelligence, self-esteem, and social entrepreneurship.

Group Discussions: Facilitated group discussions encouraged participants to exchange ideas, share experiences, and reflect on gender-related issues. These discussions fostered a supportive learning environment where diverse viewpoints were appreciated.

Gender-sensitive Approaches: The course introduced gender-sensitive approaches for addressing various aspects of life, work, and decision-making. Participants explored methods to ensure inclusivity and gender equality in different contexts.

Outcomes of the activity

LAB4GE project achieved several significant outcomes, contributing to the project's overall objectives of promoting gender equality and women's empowerment. The key outcomes of the training activity include:

Enhanced Understanding of Gender Equality: Participants gained a deeper understanding of gender equality issues, including the challenges faced by marginalized women and the importance of empowering women in various aspects of life.

Increased Awareness of Gender-specific Barriers: The training activity helped participants identify gender-specific barriers that hinder women's progress in different spheres, such as education, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Empowered Women's Entrepreneurship: The training promoted women's entrepreneurship and social enterprises, equipping participants with essential skills and tools to start and lead their own businesses.

Fostering Social Entrepreneurship: The gender-sensitive approach to social entrepreneurship highlighted the potential of social enterprises in addressing societal challenges and promoting gender equality.

Personal and Professional Development: Participants underwent mentoring and coaching sessions, enhancing their personal and professional development, and empowering them to take on leadership roles.

Digital Storytelling Showcase: The creation of short films through digital storytelling allowed participants to share personal stories and experiences related to gender equality, amplifying their voices and spreading awareness.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Developing and delivering training sessions on gender equality and women's empowerment.
Creating and implementing training methodologies and activities.
Facilitating group discussions and interactive exercises during the training course.
Providing guidance and support to participants in their learning journey.
Collaborating with other trainers and team members to ensure a cohesive and effective training program.
Evaluating the progress and learning outcomes of participants.
Adapting training approaches to meet the diverse needs of the international group.
Maintaining a supportive and inclusive learning environment.
Contributing to the overall success of the training course and achieving its objectives.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

Testimonial of the reference person

I confirm that we worked together with Bruno Pizzini as co-trainers on the LAB4GE training.

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