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Jump at the opportunity! Empowering youth through participation and volunteering

The training activity took place
in Kljuc, Bosnia and Herzegovina
organised by Udruzenje gradjana mreza
from 08 - 16 March 2013

Aims & objectives

Youth in Action Programme project, Sub - Action 3.1 - training course by name “Jump at the opportunity! Empowering youth through participation and volunteering“ has implemented from period of 08 - 16 of March 2013 in Kljuc, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Training course was about promoting volunteering and active participation of young people through non formal education methods.

The main idea of this project was to promote volunteering and active participation amongst young people enabling them to build up skills and experience that will help them in their social and professional life.

The objectives of this project were:
- to stimulate unemployed young people's mobility and active participation in local society
- to stimulate young people's spirit of initiative, their ability to think imaginatively and originally.
- to promote the access of young people with fewer opportunities to the Youth in Action Programme.
- to raise young people's awareness about active participation
- to increase awareness of the value and importance of volunteering as a form of active engagement and as a tool to develop and improve competences for personal, social and professional development.
- promotion of volunteering as a way of active social participation, and a way to acquire knowledge and skills useful for persons' professional development.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

This project with the title “Jump at the opportunity! Empowering youth through participation and volunteering” was an intensive seven days lasting training course.

Target group on this project were youth leaders, youth workers, facilitators, trainers and multipliers that are working with young people with fewer opportunities.

Project promoted volunteering and active participation amongst young people using Youth in Action Programme possibilities.

Participants from Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Germany, Poland... have participated in 7 - day long training course.

Training methods used & main activities

Within the training course a composition of sessions using methods from non-formal education was providing the participants step by step with theory, tools and skills for the realization of own intercultural activities.

The implemented activities were: non formal education and learning sessions.

The applied methods were: non-formal way of learning. This includes: games, ice-breakers, team building exercises, individual and group activities, language games, work on practical examples in small groups, meaning of volunteering in different countries and cultures, workshops about the topic of this training course, creative open spaces and getting to know local projects with youth.

The team of 2 experienced Salto youth trainers followed approved program activities. We adopted all our activities to the participants and their level of knowledge and experiences. Some changes in the program activities were due to the active participation of the participants who proposed games, energizers and short educative sessions related to the topic of the daily program.

The team supported completely the initiatives of the participants and were open to any propositions regarding the topic of the project.

The proposed activities were supervised and evaluated by the trainers team in order to develop concretely the intercultural and non formal skills of the particpants.

Outcomes of the activity

The expected outcomes of the training course are confident and competent youth leaders, youth workers, facilitators, trainers and multipliers.

During training course, participants developed new skills to design and implement future programs empowering other young people in their environment with the support of their organizations and local communities (Schools, NGO’s, informal group of young people...).

One of the main activities of our training course for the participants was to organize a public action/campaign to bring information and awareness mainly to young people about Youth in Action Programme possibilities on the streets of Kljuc.

Possibilities are: improving their language skills (for example English), participating in international projects, meeting young people from different countries, cultures, social backgrounds (hosting and traveling), contributing to their local communities, promoting human rights, solidarity and tolerance that are important for every democratic society and also are modern EU values…

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

In this training course I worked as a trainer with my colleague Margaux Richet, Salto youth trainer In total two trainers from Serbia and Germany delivered program activities using an interactive and participative approach.

Training course supported by European Commission and Youth in Action Programme and organized by Udruzenje Gradjana Mreza from Gradiska, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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