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IOGGA - Inside Out: Growing Gender Awareness

The training activity took place
organised by Anthropolis Antropologiai Kozhasznuegyesulet

Aims & objectives

The aim was to increase gender awareness in activities with youth performing by social actors in Europe.
The specific objectives were:
• to analyse the phenomenon in Gender equality in local community of the participants comparing to the European level;
• to lay the foundation for a better intervention on local and international level;
• to lay the foundation for a better understanding the educational consequences;
• to increase the capacity of the reflection in the social environment of the participants;
• to reflect on personals stories and stereotype in our social environments;
• to increase the sensitiveness in the psychological aspect;
• to give educational insight into practical tools, reflections on proactive methods, exchange of good practices with Non-formal education methods;
• to give proper tool how to design specific, gender-equality related Erasmus+ program
• to increase the international cooperation: networking and advocating, to create the best condition for mutual understanding.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

This project was for youth worker, teachers, youth leaders, facilitators, trainers and anybody else who is considerate social actors of the society and interested on the topic, able to develop follow ups and dissemination of the project.
28 participants from:
Albania, Finland, Hungary, Italy
Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey

Training methods used & main activities

"Backpack of needs and expectations;
Introduce the topic of T.C.;"
Settle the agreement with the participants about common goal as a frame work of the activities. analyzing the expectations, fears, competence, (skills, attitude, knowledge) of the participants by using group. Backpack of needs and expectations is a challenging activity for needs and expectations session. It allows participants to start deeper non-verbal communication, creates a trustful atmosphere and provide a tool and a way to express their needs, fears and expectation in a creative way.

"Poncho's life - Don't accept silence! "The Workshop is the followup of the morning session and it is devide in 3 parts:
1st The Participants work in piars to share their personal stories on gender role and inequality;
2nd The trainers give them a frame work where they can write their personal stories (like letter to a female relative, message to young girl who face the gender inequity, message bottle to a new generation women/new born);
3rd The participants they will design creatively their poncho with their stories and after they will share/present to the others."
"Poncho's life - Don't accept silence!

Presentation of National, regional and local cases on Gender Gender Harassment in school The trainers ask to the participants to prepare a creative and short presentation of theirs National, Regional and local cases of Gender equality issue.In this presentation, they will show their search work during preparation for the TC, using the questionnaire made and sent by the trainers for the preparation. In this itinerary there are the main topics, from the participants needs to see each data: about how the gender are represented at the top level in 1. scientific 2. political.3. in civil organizations 4. entrepreneurship 5. cultural. 6. educational 7. religional field on the local, regional, national level in the participants's country.

Let it go! Let it go! - In the morning session we will have list of personal connection on gender inequality and harrassement. In this session we are going to reform this list and simbolically eliminate the list in the fire.

Benchmarket on educational tools "Exchange of good practices and reflection on educational and training methods based on proactive methods empathy and the change of point of view.
To shape a Gender Culture… what is necessary to do?"

Know-how-to-do session "Giving proper and practical tools how to design educatonal/ social campaign, gender equality related programmes.
The participatns are going to work in small groups to collect ideas and methods towards a social campaign."

Follow up Projects designing "The participants are going to collect ideas and create ""fish bones"" for new projects on Erasmus+ program to increase gender awareness in international level.
Planning activities for local, regional and national level to spread knowledge such as mini projects, flash mobs, holding workshop at regional and national level conference, activities in the school such as organizing tolerance day local level "

Capsule of the future! "Capsule of the future! - As a symbolical step toward gender culture, we will write a propositive message for your self, children, youngsters, future etc. in creative form.
The aim of the session is to understand better your inner self, and your social roles, your gender identity, and become ready to pass a meaningful message and play a autentically the multiplayer role for the next generation. "

Outcomes of the activity

We created a Facebook page were the dissemination activities are published and it increasing the visibility of the outcomes.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

My task was to facilitate the process of learning during the training course and to deliver qualitative the workshops during all the week.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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