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International Tool Fair #PowerUp

The training activity took place
in Split, Croatia
organised by SALTO EuroMed & Croatian NA, plus other SALTOs and NAs
7-9/5/2018, 5-6/9/2018 and 12-15/11/2018
Reference person

Stephanie Jakubowski

(Responsible for SALTO EuroMed of the International Tool Fair)
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Aims & objectives

Overall aim of edition XIII of the International Tool Fair:

To promote quality in youth work and support capacity building of those working for youth empowerment

Specific Objectives:

- To enhance participants’ critical thinking in order to be able to respond to challenges of the evolving context, in line with European Commission youth priorities (intercultural dialogue, participation in social and political life, social inclusion, entrepreneurship and employability, etc..)

- To develop – also through innovative approaches, pedagogies and practices – the quality and variety of tools for learning aiming at inclusive and diverse community of young people

- To contribute to the educational and experiential pathway of each participant, particularly in relation to the competences of creating and using tools for youth empowerment

- To contribute to the overall European Training Strategy in the framework “European Union’s Strategy for youth: investing and empowering” through SALTO Tools for Learning

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The International tool Fair is addressed to youth learning practitioners (trainers, youth workers, institutional stakeholders and others) from different fields and from EU and neighbouring countries. In TF XIII #PowerUp we had 110 participants in total, coming from 35 countries.

The Tool Fair XIII Team was composed by 19 trainers/facilitators in total:

- an Event Manager: Manda Pocrnic (Croatian NA)
- a SALTO coordinator for the event: Stéphanie Jakubowski (SALTO EuroMed, France)
- a Coordinator: Jonathan Bowyer (UK)
- a Tools Coach and Critical Friends Coordinator: Davide Tonon (Italy)
- a responsible for the Team management: Andrea Messori (Italy)
- a web master: Jan Lai (Italy)
- Critical Friends: Mark Taylor (UK), Ildiko Gulacsi (Hungarian NA), Anne Rolland (French NA), Federica Demicheli (Italy), Anna Pavlovych (Polish NA), Mohammed Rabah (Palestine), Sunčana Kusturin (Croatia)
- other people of the Croatian NA, dedicated to organisational tasks

Training methods used & main activities

Sessions of parallel workshop presentations of tools for learning, proposed by participants

Experts proposing different ‘tools to explore’ indeep

Sharing place of other type of tools for learning: energizers/icebreakers, publications, videos and media, ‘edutainment’ games and other educational products.

Tool Fair Talks is a monologue of approximately 20 minutes around a relevant topic, in order to inspire, provoke and give an input.

Outcomes of the activity

- More than 850 years of experience in youth learning field were gathering.
- More than 50 tools for learning were presented. Each participant had the chance to explore directly more than 6 tools (plus the ones at the Market).
- 29 presenters had the chance to present their tools in a workshop format, being coached by a critical friend, and had their colleagues’ feedbacks. So, they could develop both their tool for learning and their competences.
- Stakeholders (of different type) had the chance to cooperate and reflect on the Tools for Learning strategy for the future.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I had the role of Tools Coach and Critical Friends Coordinator.

The Tools Coach had the role of supporting, selecting and coaching those participants wanting to present a tool for learning during the Tool Fair, in the Tool Workshops programme or at the Tools Market (also facilitated by the Tools Coach).

The Critical Friends’ Coordinator has been the central role of the presenters’ support system and has developed, throughout the whole Tool Fair process, these functions:
- to brief Critical Friends about their mission;
- to create a balanced match among workshops’ presenters with Critical Friends.

I worked on this training for 9 in total days as a full time trainer.

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