This is a reference for Danijela Matorcevic (ex Juric)


The training activity took place
in Istanbul, Turkey
organised by Turkish National Agency for LLP & YiA Programmes
8th - 14th June 2013
Reference person

Dr. Handan Boyar

(Organiser / TCA Officer in Turkish NA)
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Aims & objectives

- To raise awareness on different aspects of youth work for inclusion and to encourage more activities and programmes in this field.
- To achieve common understanding of different aspects of youth work and inclusion
- To share experiences about inclusion/exclusion realities from different communities/countries
- To provide opportunity for participants to increase empathy with different aspects of discrimination/exclusion
- To explore the existing policies and documents on Fundamental / Human Rights in Europe and to understand their connection and implications to our youth work for inclusion in our countries/communities
- To analyse different cases of social exclusion in Europe
- To empower participants to develop strategies for local/European activities and longer-term programmes of youth work for inclusion
- To present useful tools, resources and programmes that can help participants’ youth work for inclusion

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

There were 19 participants from 9 countries present (Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Iceland, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey), with different backgrounds, interests and learning styles.
The trainers' team consisted of three trainers from Turkey and Croatia.

Training methods used & main activities

The training course followed the non-formal education approach, and thus was designed as an open learning process based on participants’ experience and exchange. A combination of different creative and interactive methods were used and designed upon the profile of participants. Main educational methods used were: Ice-breaking and Getting to know each other activities, Regular energizers, Workshops, Theoretical Inputs, Group activities (group tasks and complex exercises), Rolling, Small working groups, Presentations, Personal, group, and meta reflections and evaluations.

Outcomes of the activity

Participants empowered and committed to more intensive work on social inclusion in their communities.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

As a trainer I was responsible for the development, preparation, implementation, evaluation and reporting of training sessions and of the overall training programme together with the other team members.

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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