This is a reference for Rachel Hurtado

iCandidate: European jobs and entrepreneurship personal branding 2.0

The training activity took place
in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain
organised by Building Bridges Association
17-23 October 2016

Aims & objectives

The needs of the partners were established as an urgent need for improvement regarding the skills and knowledge of their youth workers about the labour system in Europe, and specifically connected to digital tools.

The project aimed to improve youth workers information and knowledge about employment and entrepreneurship for young people in Europe. Specific objectives included:
-Show tools and strategies for youth employment: entrepreneurship, personal branding, communication and marketing.
-Present resources and opportunities for youth on training, internship, employment, self-employment and volunteering in Europe.
-Disclose the main existing employment resources in Europe and how to ease their access to them.
-Define and complete a job profile with 2.0 tools.
-Design and management of personal branding.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The project involved 28 youth workers from 14 organisations:
Bulgaria (Astika Foundation), Estonia (Continuous Action), Netherlands (Stichting WOW Go), Portugal (Associação Juvenil de Deão), Latvia (Baltic Regional fund), UK (Sutton Coldfield YMCA), Sweeden (IFALL), Romania (Ofensiva Tinerilor), Cyprus (Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation), Macedonia (Info front - Prilep), Denmark (AFS Interkultur), Poland (Fundacja Instytut Innowacji),
Austria (Verein für Freizeit und Bildung der Jugend) and Hungary (Talentum Alapítvány az Önkéntesség Támogatásáért).

Training methods used & main activities

The seminar included some presentations delivered by the team, as well as some work in small groups with some presentations and products made by participants, such as the creation of a video CV and a motivation letter.
The seminar included the visit to a local social business
incubator (ImpactHub), as a good example. Also the elaboration of a best practices MANUAL, which was crafted by the whole group of participants. We worked with some case studies.
The program included energizers, intercultural evenings, evaluation, reflection and feedback, and worked with the Youthpass.

Outcomes of the activity

The project was successful in that the needs of the partners identified (improvement on the skills and knowledge of their youth workers regarding employment and entrepreneurship for young people in Europe) were specifically tackled. The pax were presented to different digital tools and resources and got to use them during the seminar.

This was the call for the project in the organizations website:

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was part of the team of facilitators, lead by Nino. The team counted with the support of 1 Italian girl on an internship in the association and 2 EVS volunteers.
I was involved in the preparation before the project. During the seminar, I delivered some sessions, as well as helped facilitating some others lead by Nino.

I worked on this training for 6 days as a full time trainer.

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