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I take ACTion

The training activity took place
in Vrnjacka Banja - Serbia
organised by Big Box Creativity - England
15-23 Octomber

Aims & objectives

The main aim of the project was to introduce the apply theater methods as important instrument for fighting agains social inequality.
Objectives in this project:

- share and develop methods and tools in order to enhance the creativity of young people using apply theatre and creativity as tools for non-formal and informal learning
- practice empowerment of young people in order to make them aware of their own values and competences.
- support young people exploring their own personalities and strengths and to help to implement a creative learning plan

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

We had two different groups of participant on this training:

The first group were participants with experience and about social inclusion and conflict resolution. Participants were active youth workers with relevant experience. Most of them were also part of professional and amateur theater groups. Spanish and English participants have been previously included in practical methodology of the Theatre of the Oppressed.
In the second group we included youth workers with motivation and strong intension but not so rich experience working on these issues and with this methods. Nevertheless the fact that they were surrounded with more experience participant, they were triggered to learn, practice and implement theater of oppressed in their youth work activities. Beside the need for mutual understanding and social inclusion development, they also became aware of the proper theater methods used while working in the youth field.

Participant were comming from 9 different countires: Italy, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Lithuania, Turkey, UK, Bulgaria.

The age ranged from 18 till 27

Training methods used & main activities

The base of the training were apply theater methods, almost in all session we had some theater methods incorporated. Beside theater approach we also used different non-formal method as simulation games, energizers, group dynamics, debate methods, lessons learned, exchange of ideas.

Outcomes of the activity

Participant whole day where working on inventing a new apply theater methods accompanied with other allready existing non-formal methods. At the end they prepare 1 hour session where they present the product. Fot the whole time there were working with one traier as a mentor.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Role: Co-trainer
Responsibility: - co-prepare the flow of the programme in line with its aims and objectives
- run sessions connected with inclusion and methodology of workshops
- support other team members
- create support materials for participants when needed
- Mentoring group of participants who were preparing own theater based session.
- contribute to the creation of the project idea and the grant application

I worked on this training for 8 days as a full time trainer.

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