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The training activity took place
in Hungary, European Youth Centre of Budapest
organised by Tempus Public Foundation
13-19 May 2018
Reference person

Daniel Gismera

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Aims & objectives

HUBsters is the Training Course for youth leaders active at a local level to create international networks and initiatives to support youth participation
Therefore, the objectives of HUBsters training are:
- To define own roles of Youth Leaders in supporting youth participation;
- To self-evaluate and develop Youth Leaders’ competences;
- To equip Youth Leaders with tools and resources to continuously support youth participation and enable them to exchange their experience;
- To support them to plan international and transnational youth projects answering needs of their local societies.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The participants were Youth Leaders and a typical Youth leader is:
- Influencer who can encourage the youth to be active and motivated;
- Holder of experience and inspiration needed to involve youngsters in something meaningful and beneficial for the society;
- Familiar with needs of the youngsters in the local community and their specific lifestyle;
- The one who can help youngsters to build their own taste, opinion on important social and cultural issues and define their life values;
- The main trigger and inestimable player in the European youth work field.
In total 19 participants, age 18 - 25 years old and they were from Slovenia, Germany, Ireland, Cyprus, Hungary, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, Latvia and Greece.

Training methods used & main activities

- deeper understanding of Youth Participation and its role in our societies;
- comprehension of the ground, motives and styles of Youth Participation though real cases and from glocal (global and local) point of view;
- encouragement of self-evaluation of competences of Youth Leaders;
- peer-to-peer exchanges and delivery of tools for encouraging higher level of Youth Participation.

Participants were equipped with essential tools to bring back to their organisations, such as:

- WHAT are the Values of Erasmus+ Youth in Action
- HOW-TO answer to the specific needs of participants' local societies
- KNOW-HOW for developing action plans for transnational youth projects
- Other useful resources for effective leadership in youth work context;

Outcomes of the activity

Participants of this Training Course had the chance to network, exchange practices and experiences from their respective contexts.
Projects ideas and draft of youth projects.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Co-trainer responsible for implementation of sessions on youth participation models, research on local realities, competence development, communication blockers, Erasmus+, Application Form of E+, and Transnational Youth Initiatives, as well as reflection groups and evaluation.
Barbara Moś - Poland
Petya Chalakova - Bulgaria
Daniel Gismera - Spain

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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