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GPS - Grow Partnership Partnerships

The training activity took place
in Online
organised by Women and Youth Empowerement (former SMWCPORG)

Aims & objectives

GPS was the time to explore the Programme Erasmus+, get to know more about it, its KAs, who can apply for projects, project management sessions and discussions on room for improvement.

※ Get to know what are Erasmus+ projects, how to implement them, how to submit and apply for projects, prepare a project;
※ Develop a common understanding on project quality and the important elements to achieve it;
※ Get to know how to reach youth empowerment through quality projects;
※ Develop partnerships;
※ Develop better opportunities for youth;
※ Work on the needs of the partner organisations;
※ Work on inclusion, especially of those with fewer opportunities;
※ Explore youth work, youth participation and youth goals for structured dialogue;

※ Deliver a better support for NGOs to feel empowered to support young people with European opportunities;
※Work on difficulties NGOs face around Europe in matter of youth participation;
※ Share best practices from partners;
※ Gather partners with different experiences and share our knowledge and experience towards projects quality improvement, youth participation and inclusion;
※ Explore the concept of Nonformal Education and soft skills for young people and youth workers;
※ Explore Youthpass as a tool for certification and reflection.
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Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Target group: Youth workers, youth leaders, volunteers, from Portugal, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, England, Ireland, Cyprus, Croatia, Morocco, representants of organisations, educators and teachers.
The group was composed by 28 participants + the hosting team and facilitation.

Training methods used & main activities

World caffe, team building activities and get to know each other, fears, contributions and learning goals for the training, online challenges, Market NGO, exchange of knowledge between participants, group reflections, project writing, simulation exercises, discussions and reflections upon the topics given, experiential learning, metaphorical thinking, share best practices, evaluation.

Outcomes of the activity

The training has produced presentations, videos, photos which are available online. The success is assessed by the final evaluation with participants, both visual and written and by the feedback given by the participants, which was extremely positive.
More details are still being produced and cn be found on
1. EU Training Academy (
2. Women and Youth Empowerment NGO in Sweden (

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Learning Facilitation, COntent delivery and training, facilitation of group reflections, meetings follow up, support of participants' learning needs, teport of the activity, creation and delivery of tools for learning.
Support Hosting Organisation with project logistics and organizational management.

I worked on this training for 7days days as a full time trainer.

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