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Get in Net International Training Course for the Management of NETWORKING PROJECTS

The training activity took place
in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
organised by Salto Participation resource centre in cooperation with the Bristish C
6-11 November 2007

Aims & objectives

Aims and objectives:
- explore the added value (European dimension) of Transnational Youth Initiative projects for the local community;
- Acquire project management and communication competences for international activities;
- Develop understanding about the principles of networking;
- Share and transfer experiences of activities undertaken in the local community;
- Create a space for contact making and finding potential partners for Transnational Youth Initiative projects;
- Develop an action plan in order to realise a Transnational Youth Initiative project.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Target group:
24 young people aged between 18-30 from 12 different countries , belonging to an organisation or a group who have experiences in local projects, ideally ex-beneficiaries of local youth initiative and already have a concrete idea to develop into a networking project on the training coruse theme.

Composition of the team
Laimonas Ragauskas, Lithuania; Sandrine Suel, Salto participation and myself

Training methods used & main activities

The course was based on the principles and practices of non-formal education taking into account the needs, motivations and experiences of participants. A diversity of working methods has been used for learning about networking project management and the approaches for efficient teamwork. The previous experience of participants in developing local projects has been the starting point of the programme and of the learning process. Participants have been actively supported to work on concrete networking projects as well as to transfer what they learn during the course to the OTHER young people in their respective groups.

Outcomes of the activity

8 different project groups worked on 8 different networking projects to be submitted to Nas at future Yia deadlines.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team


I worked on this training for 6 days as a full time trainer.

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