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German-Russian Training "Cultural Pipeline : East-West" (1st Stage)

The training activity took place
in Duisburg, Germany
organised by MitOst e.V. (Germany), ANO "Civic Engagement Institute" (Russia)
October 2-12, 2012
Reference person

Nadezhda Spasennikova

(Supervisor and Co-Facilitator)
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Aims & objectives

Qualification improvement, establishing and deepening of contacts between young professionals and young communities of Perm and settlements of the Perm region, on the one hand, and Duisburg, on the other hand

Development of social and civic competences of guys and girls, including those in intercultural context by means of working in an international project and socialization in a foreign milieu

Improvement of multimedia qualification of young people at the age from 18 to 30 years old (8 people from Russian and German side respectively)

Creation and presentation of co-joint competitive multimedia products to the general public

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team


Rüdiger Eichholtz (Germany)
Nadezhda Spasennikova (Russia)
Sergey Tereshenkov (Russia)


16 guys and girls from Germany and Russia at the age between 18 and 30 years old (8 people from each side), chosen on a selection basis

Training methods used & main activities

1. Duisburg Tour (tour in teams through Duisburg)
2. Show of controversial photos and videos and evaluation of the citizen journalism methods
3. Small parallel workshops (2 hours each) on text & SMM and audio as well as video and photo and their use in a multimedia product
4. Presentation of end products to the public

Outcomes of the activity

From the training in Duisburg, the participants received basic knowledge in multimedia and its sub-directions, project management, dissemination of information, ethnic borders of a multimedia editor and citizen journalists.

The palpable result was the presentation of the multimedia products by the participants, which were developed by them in groups of 3-5 persons.

The first group chose the multimedia performace devoted to the topic "Loneliness". The next group (“I Have a Right““) made a survey of people on the streets and prepared a Prezi presentation of the results. The third group (“Searching for Happiness“) worked with third-age people and shot a lot of photos and videos. The fourth group (“House of Cultures“) was involved in the search for things, which would not divide but unite various nations and used elements of a talk show in its presentation.

The acquired experiences and competences may be used by the participants in their future projects.

The presentation of the projects as well as the projects themselves may be downloaded here:

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

1. Preparation and discussion on the "Duisburg Tour"
2. Citizen Journalism (show of controversial photos and videos and evaluation)
3. Workshop on text and SMM and their use in a multimedia product
4. Individual consultations of the groups
5. Preparation for the presentation of end products to the general public

I worked on this training for 11 days as a full time trainer.

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