This is a reference for Sami Sorjonen

Game is not just a game

The training activity took place
in Virrat, Finland
organised by Marttinen Youth Centre
Reference person

Igor Spetic

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Aims & objectives

The goals of this training are to :
exchange good practice, using games as methods and tools to acquire relevant knowledge and acquiring new skills.
The direct goal is to enable participants to use the Design thinking methodology and Principles of Game Design to:
strengthen their personal capacities, the capacities of organisations and young people directly, who will be the users.
Indirectly, we will enable young people to see the bigger picture, a different perspective and raise self-confidence.
Strengthening the capacity of people working with young people
Adapting new ways to work with young people
Find new ways for reflection
Creating new content to our existing programs through different games
Planning future projects with reliable partner
Providing possibilities for youth workers in the

Participants discover new competences
Participants network with youth workers from different countries and discover their local reality
Participant use methods like games, design thinking, improvisation, peer learning, reflection
Participants create a personal action plan how to apply the learnings in their local context

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The Team trainers composed of 4
Igor Spetic, Croatia
Vedran Stajdohar, Croatia
Mariana Vieira Da Rocha Portugal/UK

Training methods used & main activities

In the training we used variety of non formal learning methods, Group activities, educational board games, self-and group reflection through THOR method. De-briefing.

Outcomes of the activity

Feedback from the participants says that the training developed participants understanding about game based methods in youth work, also we saw that participants understanding about the importance of reflection and self assessment was improved. Also participants found new tools and methods to be used in their daily qwork with young peopple

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

My role in the team was a full time trainer, delivering my own sessions about game design principles, reflection and Constructive dialogue on top of this I was also co-trainer for other trainers sessions.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

Testimonial of the reference person

I am work on TC Games is not just a game. I directly coordinate with Sami. He was extremely motivate and focus to the topics of training, but also highly supportive to the participants. It was easy to collaborate and work with Sami. He are very competent.

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