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FAKE OFF - Training Course

The training activity took place
in Valencia, Spain
organised by FAKE OFF Partnership, E+ - Coordinated by GoEurope (hosting)
1-5 October 2018

Aims & objectives

The main objective of this event was to introduce the FAKE OFF GENERAL DIDACTIC CONCEPT to youth workers and teachers -and to conduct training sessions with them concerning digital literacy in youth work. Specific objectives were:
- To engage participants with the fight against fake news phenomenon through increasing their awareness about it
- To improve skills and competence of participants to address fake news issue with their audiences by providing practices, initiatives, tools and materials already created
- To introduce the GENERAL DIDACTIC CONCEPT to representatives of the target group of youth workers and teachers
- To test and discuss activities proposed by the GENERAL DIDACTIC CONCEPT in the group
- To produce inputs to incorporate into future TRAINING MATERIALS
- To develop ideas and contributions to extend the “FAKE OFF community”

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Target groups were: youth workers, teachers, tutors, trainers and experts on digital literacy and fake news.

Participants and co-trainers were coming from: Spain, Austria, Germany, Italy and Portugal

Training methods used & main activities

Methods were based on experiential learning, as well as the facilitation of the understanding of fake news phenomenon. In addition, the Training Course equipped participants with tools to address fake news issue and digital literacy with young people back in their countries.

There were getting to know activities, team building activities, a lecture on data and digital literacy by an expert, group discussions, theatre and concepts representations.

Outcomes of the activity

The outcomes of the activity were:
- 25 participants (youth workers, teachers, tutors and trainers) trained about fake news issue, and equipped with methods and tools to address data literacy and fake news phenomenon with young people
- Exchange of practices in youth work to address fake news issue with young people, so improving their skills to understand how social media work and to fight against fake news
- Created inputs for future training materials development on data and digital literacy
- Created a European FAKE OFF community to fight fake news issue

On this Facebook page, you can find the documentation of the training event (publications on the website will come soon):

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

My main tasks were:
- Organization of the training agenda, content and logistics, as well as coordination of co-trainers to provide a coherent training course
- Implementation of activities such as: getting to know each other and teambuilding (games) or setting the baseline of participants' knowledge and digital skills related to fake news, with the aim of promoting participants' self-reflection
- Facilitation of the whole training week, so contributing to participants' learning processes
- Supporting less experienced trainers to develop their activities with participants
- Evaluation of FAKE OFF training course

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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