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Factory of Change

The training activity took place
in Konstancin in Poland
organised by National Agency in Poland

Aims & objectives

Intention 1: Explore the role of change in the lives of participants.
Intention 2: Explore how participants respond to change.
Intention 3: Identify way of supporting/accompanying/facilitating young people in the changes they are facing.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Youth workers, youth leaders and trainers from: Great Britain,Germany, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Malta, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Czech Republic

Training methods used & main activities

Qualities of our approach:
- We were process-oriented
- We facilitatde the space where different needs maight be responded to
- Whatever happend in the group could be the potential source of learning
- We aimed at the creating of the safe space (we share our intentions and assumptions, we were attentive to each others’ needs)
- We used diversity as a resource
- We intended to learn from the change happening “here and now”
- Holistic (we facilitated learning being aware that people learn in many different ways)

Outcomes of the activity

The TC Factory of change was a safe space to explore own "changes" and to trasfer this personal experience into proffessional life to support the young people in the changes they are facing.
Comments of participants:
"Factory of change definitely broadened my perspectives of the world as well as helped me to realize the opportunities I have when accompanying someone going through changes, especially with the usage of my own experience with change."
"So new beginnings and no fears."
"Factory of change learnt me how to look from different perspectives and how to work with groups. It was an opportunity to improve my skills."
"... a changing energy. This course provided solid environment for inspiration and reflection."
"Sometimes we need to track mountains and seas, wait hours for buses, forget your own language, see how a snake eats a frog, participate in council, wait 20 minutes for internet to load only to find out we are on the right track..."

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

It was a great professional experience to be a full-time trainer in a team with Peter Hofmann and Eliza Zadluzna.

I worked on this training for 4 days + evening days as a full time trainer.

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