This is a reference for Vanda Kovács

Faciliation Academy vol.1

The training activity took place
in Mártély
organised by Federation of Children's and Youth Municipal Councils

Aims & objectives

To raise awareness about active citizenship and democratic participation with special focus on young people.
• To present good practices (national/international) and to distinguish the possible ways of its adaptations.
• To establish a common learning space where participants will be able to learn and apply for tools in after they arrive home too.
• To realize that youth across all borders face the same issues and that they can actually help and inspire each other when thinking what they need to overcome and how by becoming active citizens.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Latvia, Italy, Spain, UK, Hungary, Croatia

Training methods used & main activities

The whole TC was based on the principles of NFL and experimental learning.
Basic info about some workshop:
- ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP: We provided theoretical and practical information about what we mean under citizenship. The aim of this workshop was to establish a common ground of understanding. Afterwards we continued with role play games to understand citizenship better.
- POSSIBLE RELATIONSHIP?: Aim of this workshop was to realize the importance of any relationship/partnership between youngsters and different institutions/stakeholders etc.
- GOOD EXAMPLES: This was mainly a sharing session between participants and the hosting organisation . We have used interactive methods. We will provide also practical tools, approaches which perhaps you will able to use in your daily work.
- CHECK LIST: The aims of these workshops were to collect all necessary information and “things to do” according to the topic. We created recommendations as an outcome of the TC.
- SIMULATION ACTIVITY: Within this long lasting activity our aim was to give the space for participants to try out what they have learnt during each day by applying for the methods, techniques, approaches. This were structured activity which means we gave direct tasks for the groups day by day.

Outcomes of the activity

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was one of the trainers together with Barnabás Gulyás.

I worked on this training for 8 days as a full time trainer.

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