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Face The Race!

The training activity took place
in Budapest,Hungary
organised by MCSLSZ

Aims & objectives

"Face the Race " is a training course that aims to raise awareness of how to fight racism with all its forms. In the life we are leading now segregation, xenophobia, discrimination and many other forms of negative human interaction is widely spreading. Accordingly, working on belittling such behaviours is a matter of priority because it is affecting the livelihood of people on daily basis. Therefore, we are targeting throughout our training course two things; first, understanding the cause of such acts and second the best practices to avoid and fight them.

The title of the training explains its content; "face" represents the idea of standing against and fighting and at the same time it is the human face that makes all the difference; "race" projects the word racism as well as symbolizes the fact that life turned into a non stopping race where everybody runs in different directions. Consequently, "Face the Race" will be a training course that will deluge into the different perspectives and stereotypes present in human behaviour in order to enhance unity and harmony rather than conflicts or dissonance.
 Raising awareness about racism
 Analyzing the causes of racism
 Identifying different forms of racism
 Presenting cultural views of racism
 Developing new ways to face racism
 Creating new tool for learning in which facing racism is clear
 Making (video or photo album or magazine or bulletin ) as an outcome for the training for DEOR <dissemination and exploitation of results>
 Equipping all the participants (social workers) with tools to face racism in their local communities. Plus having a fellow up to check the progress.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco,Turkey,Spain,UK and Hungary with a total of 30 participants to insure the diversity and variety that will enrich the solidity of the training course.

Training methods used & main activities

-Non-formal educational
-Living Library
-no hate speech
-social media (Mobile app/Twiter)

Outcomes of the activity

- learned about non formal educational tools to help them combat discrimination by raising awareness in their local community.
- Created lip-dub
- Created picture/posters with statement against racism.
- Tweeted and created mobile apps emphasising the resentment of racism
-Met real-life examples through living library

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

- Initiated the project idea
- session on different forms of racism
- Creation of the Lip-Dub
- Introducing The Others tool
- Sessions' evaluation
- Photo/video documenting the training

I worked on this training for 8 days days as a full time trainer.

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