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Exploring New Shores I, II, III

The training activity took place
in Switzerland and Czech Republic
organised by Naturkultur, Petrklic Help
April 2012, April 2013, October 2013
Reference person

Gabi Steinprinz

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Aims & objectives

A 7-days non-formal interactive training course for youth workers and youth leaders who wish to develop their ability to deal with change and challenge in order to support young people in their communities.
The training aims to empower the participants to put their true potential, creativity and strengths into action to get the best out of a new/ challenging period of life and to be able to use this ability for the good of young people (dealing with the topic of "CHANGE") they are working with.

*to explore and identify how CHANGE can be used as an opportunity for young people both in their personal and professional life.
*to promote active citizenship, participation of young people and responsibility to make CHANGE in one's and others life
*to promote international volunteering and exchange experiences within the youth field
*to generate strategies and tools that serve young people to use their creativity and talents to achieve their goals and dreams

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

• Countries involved:
EU countries: Switzerland and Czech Republic (hosting countries of the 3 editions), Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Kosovo, Germany
Euro-Med countries: Israel, Egypt, Palestine
• Target Participants: Youth workers, Youth leaders
• Language of the training: English
• Number of participants: 26

Training methods used & main activities

Methodology: non-formal education, combination of indoor and outdoor activities

Outcomes of the activity

Dealing with change is considered a crucial competence with growing importance within European fast changing society. "Change" can be a new environment, a stay abroad or the change of living or working conditions for young people with different backgrounds. This new period of life comes with a lot of great moments as well as challenges. As a result of experiences on the training course, participants learnt to turn difficult situations into valuable opportunities for personal growth. They were challenged to reassess their values, stretch their capacities and practice new life skills while gaining awareness of previously hidden aspects of their own personalities.
All the program elements were evaluated by the youth workers both on a personal level for themselves and on professional level as the training offered many tools that can be used while working with their young people in their communities.

1st edition:
2nd edition:
3rd edition:

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Together with Oliver Schneitter and Gabi Steinprinz we have designed and developed the training course and the methods used for the training.

In all 3 editions I was in the trainer team (composed of me and the 2 above mentioned colleagues), the 2nd edition in the Czech Republic I have also coordinated and hosted with organisation Petrklic Help.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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