This is a reference for Marionela Bojkova

EVS On-Arrival

The training activity took place
in Sofia, Bulgaria
organised by National Agency
16.-20. February 2015

Aims & objectives

- Basic Elements of the Political System
- Introducing Basic Cultural Characteristics of the Bulgarians
- Helping with the Adaptation Process through Potential Problems during the Stay and Techniques for Managing Crisis and Conflict Situations
- Creating suitable Atmosphere for Friendly Relationships between the Volunteers durint their Stay in Bulgaria
- Introducing the Elements of the Project and the Roles of the Participants
- Clarifying the Roles of the Supervisor and of the Mentor as Key Roles
- Making a Plan of Achieving Goals during the Volunteer Program
- Clarifying the Technical Elements
- Introducing the Main Goal, basic Elements and Competences of YouthPass, Examples for Valuation of own Learning Process

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Volunteers from Germany, France, Poland, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Spain, Czech Republic and Switzerland

Training methods used & main activities

Interactive Methods for non-formal Education like Working in Groups, Roleplays, Simulations, Group and Single Reflection, Creativity Tasks, Discussions, Presentations

Outcomes of the activity

- All goals were achieved without making changes in the main work schedule
- Clarifying of all problems and questions connected with the EVS Projects with the help of the trainers
- Very good relationship between the volunteers and the representatives of the National Agency

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Leading Trainer

I worked on this training for 5 days days as a full time trainer.

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