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EVS On Arrival Training

The training activity took place
in Jordan
organised by Salto Youth Euromed
2 to 7 October 2016

Aims & objectives

1. Share and deal with the volunteers' expectations, fears and motivation

2. Support the volunteers in dealing with cultural and personal challenges

3. Raise awareness and support the volunteers in taking responsibility for their own learning process

4. Provide individual support for volunteers

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

They are 18 pax for OAT (3 males +15 female)
Coming from 7 EU countries: France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, and Slovenia

The length of their EVS projects is between 5 and 12 months.
The OAT was conducted from 3 to 6 October, so 3 days and a half

Training methods used & main activities

it was based on non-formal educational methods, participatory approach, and information related to the EVS cycle in South Med region.
We used, working in groups, discussions, reflection methods, self-learning, debate, case studies in groups, brainstorming, and informative session.

Outcomes of the activity

The objectives of the TC were fulfilled to a specific degree. Especially the 4th day which comes to respond (filling gaps) to the last needs tackled by the volunteers in their coming EVS experience in regard to learning.

We were using developed version of longer OAT training program which was very much better than any shortened version or squeezed one. The team could develop the program sessions and workshops with more harmony and logical flow for the understanding of the volunteers. Besides, the possibility to adapt all the methods and content according to their knowledge, needs, and their profiles.

The volunteer had an intense experience to prepare them for their EVS journey, they were explored as possible to the South med culture, context, and elements to be considered during their stay in the host countries. The volunteers learn a lot of the technical information that helps them to be aware of having good EVS project, and also they learned about the support system as well. The Sel-development dimension has some good part of the program that encourages the volunteers to plan their self-learning

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team


I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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