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The training activity took place
in Liverpool, England
organised by Momentum World
7-11 January 2019

Aims & objectives

EuroPeers is an international network young people who have travelled to other countries to study, get work experience, or take part in education or youth projects.

Momentum World delivers EuroPeers training to young people in the UK.

The training was designed to build upon previous experience of participants and equip them in a range of skill areas including public speaking, organising, motivation and presentation.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The Training brought together young leaders from more 10 countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherland, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, UK.

The Team involved two experienced Trainer/Facilitator, one Co-ordinator and two interns.

Training methods used & main activities

Presentations, simulation exercises, storytelling, facilitator input, individual and group work, NA input, street-based work, Inter-cultural Evening, Open Space, Debrief, Evaluation, YouthPass and post-programme prep.

Outcomes of the activity

Summary of key points emerging from Europeers LID Self-Assessment Tool

- 17 participants
- Overall change across the three areas (knowledge 45.5%, attitude 17.4% and skills 29.3%) was 30.7%
- Change in Knowledge ranged from 0% to 186%; Attitudes from 1% to 67%, Skills from 4% to 76%
- 17 participants x 3 areas (skills, knowledge and attitude) = 51 areas; only one person exhibited no change in a single area (knowledge) and one person exhibited a change of only 1% in one area (Attitude)
- The average increase across all three areas is as follows:

Person 1: 4%
Person 2: 34%
Person 3: 69%
Person 4: 38%
Person 5: 78%
Person 6: 28%
Person 7: 11%
Person 8: 28%
Person 9: 30%
Person 10: 11%
Person 11: 39%
Person 12: 78%
Person 13: 24%
Person: 14:18%
Person 15: 25%
Person 16: 45%
Person 17: 6%

In the words of the participants however....

• It has been interesting, enriching and fun. The topics were interesting and it was a good mixture of group activity, reflection and theory
• This training has been a great experience for me. I have enjoyed it. Everything was well organised, the activities very interesting and useful, it was fun, especially the street action.
• Amazing, it was helpful and beneficial.
• It was really educational and full of inspiration. I especially appreciated the trainers effort.
• Very exciting and motivating, I learned a lot and met so many nice people.
• Eye opening. I now know that I must work in the field of inter cultural learning and exchanges.
• My training has been eye opening and it has been a good experience.
• This training made me feel at home, I enjoyed it a lot and I am sure it is the beginning of an adventure.
• This was my first training course and it has been amazing. I didn’t feel bored even for a while. The days I spent here will influence my life.
• It has been like coming home. The last half year I have never been as happy. It has definitely been moving to hear all the stories.
• I am grateful for the possibility for being part of this group. I had to come out of my comfort zone, there are still a lot of steps I need to make, but being here is a start for personal growth and also learning.
• Very useful, all discussed topics were useful
• Very structured, thought through, was passionate and just well done!
• It was furgalicious, I absolutely loved it, you are so professional and sweet. The passion you do your work with is just absolutely admirable.
• It has been full of learning, emotions and connections. It has strangely, over a short period of time influenced me deeply, it has encouraged me to do more for my community and Erasmus+
• It has been insightful as I learned a lot about the power of non-formal education and how I can promote the European Solidarity Corps.
• Very informative in my search for knowledge of youth work and non-formal education. Well organised and engaging.
• It has been an amazing experience and I will never forget it.
• It has been amazing, I am very pleased how this week went. You have all done an incredible job!
• It has been very enjoyable and I have come away with a much deeper understanding of Europeers. It has also been amazing in the sense of skills and doing something good.
• Eye opening to my leadership potential if nurtured. A great networking opportunity.
• Very eye opening. It was a little bit tough a times but mostly fun.
• Very eventful and interesting. It helped with my personal qualities.
• A really good experience for developing new skills and networking.
• Very useful, I found myself asking myself difficult questions.
• Opportunity to grow as a person, made new partnerships, learned to Keep It Simple Stupid
• I felt grateful to have a chance to be a part of this training, because it gave me a lot of useful knowledge and skills to continue and develop my ideas. It felt like home because I was surrounded with companions and inspiring people.
• I really enjoyed the time Liverpool. I wished I would have been more active, but I think I learned a lot.
• This training was incredible for me. Everyday was a learning day and this training was the perfect well shaped pack of knowledge which I will use to push myself for a better tomorrow.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I had responsibility for co-facilitating delivery of the programme which included course content, lesson plans, allocation of roles and responsibilities and supporting my colleagues to ensure programme was a success.

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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