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European Youth Work Convention

The training activity took place
in Online
organised by 3rd European Youth Work Convention at JUGEND für Europa
7-10 December 2020

Aims & objectives

The EYWA addresses the aims of implementing the
European Youth Work Agenda in the Bonn process
as a strategic framework for the development of
youth work in Europe; establishing youth work
as an essential part of youth policies; ensuring
and expanding the provision of youth work; and
strengthening the common ground of youth work
through co-operation within and beyond the youth
work community of practice. It also seeks to support
the further development of quality youth work;
support the ability of youth work to tackle emerging
challenges and innovate its practices; and enhance
the promotion and recognition of youth work. It also
wants to ensure a strong role for youth work in the
new normal.
The general objectives of the expert congresses
as a central platform for discussing the latest
developments in youth work practice and youth
policy have been to acquire new insights and transfer
knowledge, enhance the visibility of youth work and
its value, and promote joint action within the youth
work community of practice.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

About 1.000 representatives of the youth work
community of practice from 50 countries all over
Europe will come together for more than three
days in the 3rd EYWC. This includes youth work
stakeholders at local (including municipal), regional,
national, and European level. It involves youth
workers and youth work organisations, trainers
and their pools and representations, ministries
and civil servants responsible for youth and youth
policy, researchers and educators of youth workers,
European institutions and National Agencies for the
European youth programmes, and young people and
youth representations.

Training methods used & main activities

The upcoming 3rd EYWC from 7 to 10 December
2020 will play a crucial role in establishing this
European Youth Work Agenda as a strategic European
framework for further developing and strengthening
youth work practice and policies and shaping youth
work development across Europe. The 3rd EYWC
as a kick-off event for the EYWA will bring together
the youth work community of practice in Europe
to be inspired by keynote speeches, workshops,
plenary discussions and much more to look at the current challenges and needs of youth work and
discuss the framework conditions of quality youth
work in Europe. It will provide information about
the EYWA, shape the content of the EYWA, develop
recommendations for the implementation of the
EYWA in the coming years, create ideas for activities
within the implementation of the EYWA, and launch
national processes and measures. It will also enable
and exploit synergies between all stakeholders and
levels involved, and create commitment, ownership
and co-operation.

Outcomes of the activity

European Youth Work Declaration

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Moderation, documentation, summarizing and concluding several sessions, presentations and discussions to provide the ground for the final declaration during the 4 days of the convention

I worked on this training for 4 days as a full time trainer.

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