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European Neighbourhood

The training activity took place
in Lefkosia, Cyprus
organised by Cyprus, German, Romanian and Turkish National Agencies
6-12 May2008

Aims & objectives

Course Aims and Objectives
-explore and discover identity in several contexts
-promote and formulate intercultural learning activities
-gain a better understanding of the YiA programme
-learn how to assist people in managing identity differences more effectively
-exchange local experiences
-encourage participants to start new projects involving local youth for active participation
-develop partnerships, networks and project idea for the benefit of their local communities
-have fun and be creative

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The training course hosted 17 participants from 10 different countries, different organizations.

The Trainers Team:
The members of the team were Gabriella Buschmann, Corina Ardelean, Panayiotis Theodorou & Hilal Yukarki as trainers from SALTO’S Training of Trainers 2007-2008 long term training course. They all have been involving Youth Projects and trainings for a long time, Gabriella Buschmann and Hilal Yukarki have been working mainly in Action 2 Trainings, Corina Ardelean has been working mainly in volunteer & project management and Panayiotis Theodorou has been working on local projects and Youth Exchanges for the disabled youth.

Although this was the first time for the trainers working together, this wide range of experiences of them turned into an advantage and diversity and the team has worked very well with no conflicts arousing and with a clear share of tasks.

Training methods used & main activities

SDL, Learning by doing, non-formal education methods, local interaction ** (field work within the neighbourhood), interactive workshops, pair and group discussions, presentations and simulations.

Two trainers leaded every session. All trainers had the opportunity to cooperate between them. This helped to build the trainers team work and had a positive impact to the participants.

Outcomes of the activity

The planning and implementation of the training led to deal with various important issues and themes:

o Stereotypes, Prejudices and Intercultural learning
o Learning from each other, from local interaction
o Self Directed Learning
o Input on Youth in Action Programme opportunities
o Developing partnerships, networks and new project ideas
o The team worked in a cooperative way accommodating learning needs of participants

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I had a role of a co trainer, meaning that I was responsible for design, implementation and evaluation of the training program with my colleagues. The training program was reviewed and evaluated every day and adjusted according to the learning needs of participants.
As a host i was also responsible for the logistics of the training.
I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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