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The training activity took place
organised by Association "Jumata", Gulbene, Latvia
31 MAY - 5JUNE 2015

Aims & objectives

Main aim of training was to develop young people as active European citizens.
Objectives of the activity:
-to raise awareness about topics such as social inclusion, cultural diversity, participation and initiative, global education between young people aged 12-16
-to give space for youngsters to develop their own network for future friendship and cooperation
-to offer youngsters true intercultural experience while working together in smaller international groups
-to develop ideas for local initiatives, that youngsters could implement in their own schools and local communities to further inform their peers about topics discovered in the training

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

20 students aged 12 to 16 from each country (Latvia, Spain, Wales) represented at the event, all accompanied by their teaching staff – Group Leaders (60 students + 12 staff).

Training methods used & main activities

Name games and ice-breakers for getting to know each other
Group building challenge tasks
Interactive workshops on different topics (social inclusion, intercultural learning, environmental awareness, social inclusion, network creation, etc.) using methods of improvisation theater, simulation exercises, small group work, discussions, idea generation, etc.
Nigh hike/challenge course
City treasure hunt
Reflection groups
Intercultural evening
Morning circle
Afternoon sport activities
Improvisation theater evening

Outcomes of the activity

During the program ideas for the follow up activities were created that could be realized after the residential in the participating schools from every country. Follow up activities were based on the methods or topics realized within the residential and were planned and leaded by the pupils. The aims of the follow up activities:
• to share the pupils’ experience and knowledge gained in the residential to the other pupils in their local schools;
• to share the videos or presentations with the pupils’ story of the leading follow up activities for the peers in the local schools with the other participants of the residential.

Participants expressed great appreciation of the interactive program, topics addressed and the flow of the program.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Shared responsibility with other trainers and staff- preparing the agenda, methodology and flow of the program. To facilitate getting to know each other and group building activities, workshops on intercultural learning, inclusion, environmental awareness, participation and initiative; facilitation of intercultural night; leading reflection groups; evaluating the program and activities together with co-trainers and team leaders.

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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